TRAVEL62: 2016 Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit Successfully Concluded, the Event to the Development of Tourism in Chongqing Which Dongfeng?

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【Introduction】:September 18th to 2016, the 22 World Federation of tourism cities in Chongqing Fragrant Hills tourism summit will be held in Chongqing International Conference center.

Landscape of the United States and the city of Chongqing, the great beauty of the September 20th evening, a period of two days of the 2016 World Tourism Cities Federation Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit in the International Conference Center came to a successful conclusion! Today, from all over the world city representatives will visit Chongqing city tourism resources, experience the "landscape are · beautiful Chongqing" charm.

The summit

Jointly organized by the World Tourism City Federation and the Chongqing Municipal People's government, the theme of "shared economy and the development of world tourism cities". In two days time, successfully held the opening ceremony, members of the general assembly, the Council, the theme of the forum and exhibition activities, tourism promotion, tourism trade fair, tourism investment fair, the closing ceremony and other activities.

As the host city of the summit, the summit activities, more projects, what are the highlights of the summit? People can get from which travel "red envelope"?

Chongqing during the summit heavy launch of the "landscape of the beautiful Chongqing" tourism brand, to further enhance the international visibility and influence in Chongqing.

the summit, the Organizing Committee of "landscape of · the beauty of Chongqing" as the theme, around the Chongqing mountain, water, city, culture, people and other key elements, dance, acrobatics, folk performances, interactive scene performances, model fashion show and other forms of exchange not only have strong characteristics of Chongqing and the international style the high level and high quality tourism cultural feast for the Chinese and foreign guests.

At the summit's opening night, two guests enjoy the mountain night, night. And the summit behind the scenes, guests will also be divided into the Three Gorges line, cultural heritage line, natural heritage line three days to investigate tourism resources in Chongqing city. These tours will include the Yangtze River Three Gorges, Wujiang Gallery, Chongqing, the ten major tourist business card through up, the depth of the show, the beautiful landscape of Chongqing"

The evening of September 19th, the Chongqing Xiangshan tourism summit guests by boat along the night. As the boat started, Chaotianmen, at the intersection of two rivers along the Caiyuanba Chongqing Grand Theater and the traditional folk style District Hongyadong night started slowly in front of the guests.

The results of this summit is rich, including the election of the World Tourism City Federation of the second member of the Council, issued the "World Tourism City Federation of Chongqing declaration", the 2018 summit held in 2017, the United States of Losangeles and Shandong respectively Chinese Qingdao and other important content.

At this summit, Chongqing has also harvested quite a lot. Chongqing signed 40 investment projects, signing a total amount of 80 billion yuan.

September 20th afternoon, the Chongqing Fragrant Hills tourism summit held in tourism investment.

At the meeting, Jiangjin District of Chongqing City, Wulong County mountain Baima Mountain, Chongqing Hongchiba 44 tourist project owner and Company Limited, CITIC industrial investment fund management from home and abroad palm Investment Co. Ltd., evergreen international pension industry group Limited by Share Ltd and other 23 institutional investors for investment negotiation.

It is reported that the Chongqing Fragrant Hills tourism summit period, the city's total of 40 tourism investment projects successfully signed a contract, the total amount of 80 billion yuan, involving 22 districts and counties. Contract project covers a variety of types of tourism attractions, tourism complex, tourist resort and cultural tourism integration, agricultural tourism integration, body fusion, medical tourism integration.

In this summit, launched the "World Tourism City Development Report" and "Chinese citizens outbound (urban) tourism consumption market survey report" two major reports.


World Tourism City Development Report

On the morning of 20, the World Tourism City Federation Secretary General Song Yu, the UN World Tourism Organization and the destination project quality management department director of Essen Kan · Tezibasuolu attended the summit forum, issued a "2016" Federation Research Report of the world tourism city development meeting.

construction of the world tourism city development index, the 104 cities of the world to assess the level of tourism development. According to the World Tourism Organization statistics, Europe and North America accounted for the largest share of the international tourism market, tourism development in the Asia Pacific region is strong, the fastest growth rate, there is the potential to catch up with North america.

Report of the world tourism city development index based on objectively reflect the development of tourism in different countries of the advanced experience of city, tourist city and weak links, to provide a basis and reference for each member city to develop tourism development policy and city development strategy, fully tap the potential of tourism development of the city, to achieve the sustainable development of its lead the world tourism city tourism.<1Two3>


"Chinese citizens outbound tourism consumption market survey report"

In September 20th, the World Federation of tourist cities in Chongqing, the main forum of the Fragrant Hills tourism summit released the results of the study, "2016 Chinese citizens outbound (urban) tourism consumption market survey report".

The report shows that outbound tourism has become China citizens living habits, National Tourism day. 2015, China's outbound tourists reached 120 million passengers, an increase of 10.09%. Chinese tourists spending a total of 215 billion U.S. dollars (about 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan), an increase of 30.3%. China has become the world's largest outbound tourism market and the largest outbound tourist consuming country. Data show that more than 70% of Chinese tourists every year to arrange an outbound tourism, or even a number of trips, the per capita outbound tourism experience of 4.87 times, over the past year has been an average of 3-4 foreign cities.

The foreign guests will enjoy the beautiful night view of Chongqing, taste spicy and delicious delicacy in Chongqing, river cruise international first-class of Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the feeling of Bayu culture.

Today, up from around the world will open the "landscape of the city on behalf of all · beautiful Chongqing" depth of experience tour, will swim experience for the Three Gorges "line" and "cultural heritage" and "natural heritage line" three line city of Chongqing on the theme, rich and colorful, unique charm of the tourism resources. When the guests from all over the world will walk into the ghost town of Fengdu, Wushan, Hechuan City, the Three Gorges small fishing Wulong fairy hill and other famous tourist attractions in Chongqing, feel the charm of the city of Chongqing.September 20th, the 2016 World Federation of tourism cities in Chongqing Fragrance Hill Tourism Promotion summit held in 7 cities and countries from the world to promote the meeting to the public in Chongqing issued an invitation.

Losangeles, Nanjing, Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Malaysia, Penang, Switzerland and Columbia and other countries in the city and the promotion conference highlights the excellent tourist attractions and tourist routes respectively, and introduced the related tourism strategy, inviting the people of Chongqing for a visit.


Chongqing signed in Washington in the future to the United States will be more convenientIn addition, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of tourism also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Washington, DC, the United States Airbnb, mutual promotion of tourism development.

Chongqing City Tourism Bureau Chief Liu Qi said that the future will be further to discuss specific cooperation with Washington, D.C. Tourism Bureau to fight for the public in Chongqing visa, shipping and other aspects of the increase in more convenient.

At present, a lot of people think that the United States visa to wait a longer period, more inconvenient. For the public is concerned about the visa, navigation and other issues, Liu Qi said, will actively coordinate. At present, with the deepening of cooperation between the United States and China tourism, has improved in the visa, the United States is added to the visa officer for the United States visa now the time required compared to the past has shortened, because there are a lot of visa involved in management, the adjustment is difficult, but the City Tourism Bureau will also actively strive for the next step look, could be a breakthrough in the visa."<1Two3>


Chongqing or the introduction of the policy to promote the air room and board"Yesterday, the Chongqing Municipal Tourism Bureau and the American Airbnb company signed a cooperation agreement, will provide more convenience for the tourists to Chongqing and Chongqing local family room to rent the owner.

Although the summit has ended,

Chongqing has a surprise. The development of tourism industry in Chongqing is worth looking forward to!

September 18th to 2016, the 22 World Federation of tourism cities in Chongqing Fragrant Hills tourism summit will be held in Chongqing International Conference center. The theme of the summit is "shared economy and the development of world tourism cities".

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