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【Introduction】:As a highlight of German Christmas holidays, Christmas markets have been popular among the public as always. Nothing in Hamburg could be put on a par with Christmas market on Advent day.

As a highlight of German Christmas holidays, Christmas markets have been popular among the public as always. It is also an all-time-favourite enjoyed by the tourists. While Christmas decorations are scattered all around the log cabins, people would put on their Christmas hats or dress up themselves like those from the middle ages. Huddling with their friends, people would also enjoy snacks, drink mulled Glühwein and chat with each other. Various handcrafts could also be bought in the market. Nothing in Hamburg could be put on a par with Christmas market on Advent day.

Time-honoured---Hamburg rathaus Christmas Market

The Christmas market held in front of the long-standing Hamburg rathaus has been the most popular and famous Christmas market in Hamburg, attracting millions of tourists year after year. Time-honoured history and classic streets, immersing yourself in Hamburg feels like deducting your own childhood fairy tale. Almost at every corner of the street, roasted almonds and nuts, gingerbread and mulled wine would await visitors on their arrival.

Location: Rathausplatz

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 11:00-22:00

Friday and Saturday 11:00-22:00

Flying Santa:

16:00, 18:00 and 20:00 every day

Hamburg Christmas Parade:

Dec.15th and Dec.29th 14:00 and 17:00

Spitalerstraße Christmas Market

As the SpitalerstraBe Christmas Market opens officially, the city centre of Hamburg is enveloped by the rich Christmas atmosphere. SpitalerstraBe Christmas Market has managed to bind together the sense of classicism and modernism. It attracts tourists with its traditional food and diversified products. In the middle of the bustling shopping streets, the exterior façade of the log cabin was decorated by Hanseatic bricks. On the other hand modern illuminating apparatus has given the Christmas market its chance to shine.

Location: Spitalerstraße

Opening Hours: Nov.25th-Dec.30th 10:00-21:00 (restaurants opens till 23:00)

Closes on Dec. 25th

Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz Christmas Market

Situated at Karstadt, the Christmas market at Gerhart Hauptmann Platz between Thalia-Theater and Perle-Passage possesses the one of the highest Christmas fir in Hamburg. Immersing themselves in the traditional winter fir forest, tourists could break away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The full variety of cultural activities could entertain the tourists as well as generating a delighting mood for the people. Stalls in the ancient maison à colombages, natural winter fir forest and life-size revivification of the birth of Jesus has all contribute to the rich Christmas festival vibe. During Christmas, the Gerhart Hauptmann Platz Christmas market at the city centre opens to the public. The Christmas village invites you to come over for a memorable visit in the winter atmosphere!

Location: Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz

Opening Hours:

11.25-12.30 10:00-21:00 (restaurants open till 23:00)

Closes on 12.25

St. Pauli Christmas Market

St. Pauli could advertise itself to have the most special Christmas market in Hamburg or even in Germany. There are things more than just mulled wine that await tourists. It doesn’t matter if you come on your own or with families and friends, St. Pauli Christmas market could always offer something for everyone. Fancy a sip of the fragrant wine? Come and join us on the winter open terrace. Comfy bars with fireplaces could offer Christmas special drinks to the tourists according to their will.


Opening hours:


Monday to Wednesday 16:00-23:00,Thursday 16:00-00:00

Friday, Saturday 13:00-01:00,Sunday 13:00-23:00

HafenCity Christmas Market

HafenCity Christmas market is situated at Überseeboulevard which is in front of the administration bureau, with “Angel and Villain’s Ice of Joy” as its motto. Among the modern architectures of the HafenCity is a 300 square meters ice rink. Regardless of adults or kids, people could enjoy the delight brought by ice sports. Christmas food are displayed at the stalls around the ice rink. HafenCity has also got a special highlight: a big advent calendar. A door is opened each night with a little gift hidden behind it. Every visitor has a chance to win a small gift.

Location: Überseeboulevard

Opening hours: 11.25-12.30, 12:00-20:30

White magic on Jungfernstieg

Lying on the banks of Hamburg is the famous promenade---Jungfernstieg with hotels, Alsterhaus and various boutiques within a short reach. The place will be brightly lit by lights every Christmas. Christmas market on Jungfernstieg is famous for its white magic. The market attracts tourists with its fairy tale like lights. These lights match well with the architectural genre, colors and brightness of the place, building up a harmonious atmosphere.


Opening hours:

11.25-12.30, 11:00-21:00

Friday and Saturday, restaurants open till 22:00

Restaurants close on Dec.24th and 25th

Gänsemarkt Christmas Market

The city centre of Hamburg is not short of popular Christmas markets. Gingerbread houses are yummy! Gänsemarkt Christmas market looks like a rural village consisting of gingerbread houses. Well-designed stalls and spacious entrance have managed to attract people’s attention indeed. Gänsemarkt Christmas market is the exact place to go for a romantic family visit.

Location: Gänsemarkt

Opening hours:

11.25-12.23, 11:00-21:00 (restaurants open till 23:00)

St. Michaelis Christmas Market of Michel

St. Michaelis Christmas market has attracted countless tourists since 1919. Each year, over 100 exhibitors enter the market. Crafts, fashion costumes and jewellery are displayed at the basement, church and diocese hall. We are sure you will find the Christmas gift you want at our place!

Location:Englische Planke 1

Opening hours:

Friday 15:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00-19:00, Sunday 11:00-19:00

Christmas Market of St. Petri Church

Fairy tale-like, Nordic style, family atmosphere---this is the image of the traditional Christmas market hosted by St. Petri church. During Christmas, the surroundings of the most ancient church in Hamburg are regenerated into Christmas fir forest. It also provides mulled wine and roasted almonds. Well-designed Scandinavia style Christmas cottage and pine trees with illumination would definitely immerse visitors with the festive atmosphere.

Location:Kreuslerstraße 6

Opening hours:

11.25-12.30 , 10:30-21:00 (restaurants open till 23:00)

Fleetinsel Christmas Market

Fleetinsel is an oasis between Alster and Elbe. Breaking away from the hustle and bustle and the sharp lights of the cities, it creates a comfortable place for partying. Fleetinsel Christmas market has combined the living attitude of the Hansa and Christmas spirit. Sweet wine and well-picked food has helped to lift the level of Christmas experience up to perfection.


Opening hours:

11.25-12.23, 12:00-21:00

Ottensen Christmas Market

Vibrant and bustling, a riot of colours—just like Ottensen and its Christmas markets which has a range of alcoholic drinks from punch to Feuerzangenbowle. We invite you and your family to come over and shop easily in the light and special atmosphere. Ottensen Christmas Market is extraordinary in the way that we have a brand-new bunch of interesting exhibitors every year. Ottensen Christmas market has over 50 well-designed cottages which host rural flavoured wines from all around the world, muddled wine and cooked food. It is recognised as one of the most authentic market.

Location:Ottenser Hauptstraße 1

Opening hours:


Mon-Wed 11:00-21:00, Thur-Sat 11:00-22:00, Sun 12:00-20:00

God Jul---Scandinavian Christmas

Christmas market of Nordic sailor’s church has once again become the hot destination of Scandinavian football fans and northern lights. visitors could immerse themselves in the typical Nordic Christmas atmosphere and enjoy characteristic food from Demark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. At the meantime, Scandinavian Christmas market also have traditional Christmas decorations for Advent day and Christmas, textiles, stylish handcrafts, food, and Scandinavian characteristic dishes.

Location:Ditmar-Koel-Straße 6

Opening hours:

Fri and Sat 12:00-19:00

Sun 12:00-18:00

(Translation: Fan Bingxue)

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