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【Introduction】:In Hamburg, something new happens from day to day; there are million reasons why people linger in Hamburg. In the next few weeks, there are five Christmas highlights that I will not let you miss.

In Hamburg, something new happens from day to day; there are million reasons why people linger in Hamburg. In the next few weeks, there are five Christmas highlights that I will not let you miss: Hamburg has over a dozen Christmas markets. While visitors can experience waterway shopping, they could also get a feel of the beer culture of the northern Germany in our craft beer bar. Without further ado, let us take you through Hamburg during Christmas time.

Hamburg---capital of Christmas in Northern Germany

During Christmas time, Hamburg is dressed by dozens of Christmas markets, big or small, as it makes its way to visitors. Six million tourists are attracted to this place annually. Christmas markets in Hamburg take place in various forms and styles. This could range from traditional, romantic to festive or even frivolous. Every tourist could find the Christmas market that suits oneself. Situated at town hall plaza, the time-honoured Christmas market would always be able to create unforgettable Christmas atmosphere. In here, everyone could truly enjoy Christmas regardless of age. Delicious organic mulled wine, tempting desserts, high quality handcrafts would be included in the market as well as Santa Claus! Near the town hall and lake Alster, Christmas markets lovers could relax physically and mentally while hunting for characteristic dishes or creative gifts.

Finally Sort out Christmas gifts at Hamburg

Christmas always come with gifts, whether it is for your beloved or for yourself. It might be the best timing to shop in Hamburg in the next few weeks, because only during Christmas time can people hunt and buy things at one’s pace while taking a stroll around the market. Could you picture anything better than taking a warm mulled wine before starting to shop around. Assorted stores stack up the banks of Elbe River and Alster Lake, Hamburg’s boulevard also has a sense of legend flavour: department stores are available on boulevard at jungfernstieg, e.g. Alsterhaus; or the famous Mönckebergstraße where clothes store, flagship store, local characteristic retailing store, cafes and snack bars all scatter around it. In here, international fashion taste has combined well with the northern Germany Christmas atmosphere.

Enjoying star-rated food

Star-rated food can be spotted everywhere in Hamburg. In Hamburg, there are over a dozen Michelin restaurants, including “The Table” sit by star chef Kevin Fehling; chef Sebastian Andrée’s “Se7en Oceans”; situated at Nienstedten are the restaurants “Jacobs Restaurant” and “Jellyfish” where Elbe’s view could be seen at a glance. Apart from these famous Michelin restaurants, we have got some new findings by the bank of Elbe and Lake Alster. Two new stores just opened by the bank of Elbe in HafenCity: the star chef Kirill Kinfelt who owns the French restaurant “TrüffelSchwein” in Winterhude has brought “ Kinfelts” to lbphilharmonie---this Scandinavian pub uses seasonal ingredients to present dishes for its customers. The newly opened restaurant “Hobenköök”which is situated at Oberhafenquartier. This harbour kitchen has nicely fused market with restaurant. After dining at the table, customers could also shop over 200 fresh ingredients at the restaurant sourced from Hamburg and Metropolitan area.

Have a Christmas beer in the wintertime!

Prost or skål (meaning cheers in Norwegian)? Afterall, this has been the second time brewing authentic Danish beer in Hamburg. Danish beer brewer Anders Coisbo and Tobias Hess from the famous craft beer brewer “ÜberQuell” has collaborated in brewing this beer named “Collaboration-Brew Julebryg” ---with its German name “Weihnachtsbier”. There is some other seasonal beer in the beer tavern situated in St. Pauli fish market, including Winter Ale, at the guest’s choice. You could have a sip of seasonal winter beer in the “Altes Mädchen” bar situated in Sternschanzen. Just as the “Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei” bar in HafenCity, “Altes Mädchen” too is a small-scale beer brewer. The classic beer Astra has come back at the end of November. This highly- sought-after brand has managed to open up a new brew house on Reeperbahn. We would recommend you to pay a visit if possible! (Translation: Fan Bingxue)

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