Seven wedding venues recommended in Hamburg

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【Introduction】:Here are some of the most popular wedding venues in and around Hamburg. From appetizers of sparkling wine, wedding cake, to delicious meals, these wedding venues will have everything ready for you, and you just need to enjoy the wonderful time with the guests.

Whether by the harbor, the Elbe river or the Ulster lake, you can always find a place in Hamburg where you can make a lifelong commitment to your lover. Upscale hotels, elegant restaurants and elaborately decorated wedding venues all offer professional services that will make you and your loved one spend an unforgettable day. Here are some of the most popular wedding venues in and around Hamburg. From appetizers of sparkling wine, wedding cake, to delicious meals, these wedding venues will have everything ready for you, and you just need to enjoy the wonderful time with the guests.

Anglo - German club

The Anglo-German club on lake Ulster sits next to the Eimsbüttel marriage registry. Couples can walk down the aisle hand in hand in the presence of friends and family. The villa is a perfect blend of hanseatic and English styles, providing a unique experience. You can choose to start your wedding with a glass of champagne with friends and relatives. The quiet park allows you to be completely free from outside interference. The venue can accommodate up to 200 people.

Elbhof hotel

The Elbhof hotel is located between the mouth of the Ulster river and the Herrengrabenfleet area on the edge of the warehouse, making it an excellent wedding venue. The pillars inside speak of the hotel's long history. Its banquet hall contains a small outdoor terrace that can accommodate 40 to 150 guests. Elbhof hotels always put guests' needs first. Exquisite menu, rich buffet, and thoughtful arrangement -- you don't need to worry about anything, the hotel will weave a beautiful memory for the new people who will never forget.

Kai 10 club

The Kai 10 club of Mercure Hotel is located in the city center of Hamburg. The club is built on the water, which also corresponds to the rich water elements of Hamburg. People can easily travel between the shore and the club by floating bridge. In order to guarantee the quality of service, only one wedding is held here every day. The Design-Lounge wedding hall also contains a terrace that can accommodate up to 200 people. In addition, the exclusive Sub-Zero party area is also worth mentioning. People can enjoy an underwater wedding there. The hotel provides one-stop service, from greeting guests to night snack, you do not need to worry, just enjoy the wedding. There's no need to worry about getting a taxi downtown after the wedding, as the Mercure Hotel will have comfortable rooms just steps away.

Louis c. Jacob hotel

Holding a wedding on the Elbchaussee river is especially romantic. After the wedding ceremony in Nienstedtener church, the opposite Louis c. Jacob wine shop went on the red carpet, ready to greet you and your lover. This five-star hotel offers first-class service and fine food. In summer, people can step onto the Lindenterrasse and enjoy the Elbe river. Several halls are available for wedding celebrations: from the Biedermeier hall, which seats 24, to the Grand Elbsalon, which accommodates 130. In particular, a wedding at the Jenisch Haus and Goßlerhaus, two villas owned by the Louis c. Jacob hotel, is a top choice for Hamburg's upper class.

Schulauer Fährhaus hotel

The Schulauer Fährhaus is world famous for its "Willkomm Höft" welcoming ship. People can enjoy the beauty of the Elbe river and experience a boat wedding. The hotel will adjust the size of the wedding hall according to the needs of guests, which can accommodate up to 400 people. You can choose to make your own menu or enjoy the hotel buffet. No matter which you choose, you will not be disappointed, because the food in the hotel is not only fresh, but also the dishes are very rich. The Schulauer Fährhaus is also the official wedding venue of the Wedel marriage registry. Go there and experience the unique water wedding!

Zollenspieker Fährhaus hotel

After the wedding ceremony at the church in Vierländer, the Zollenspieker Fährhaus hotel on the Elbe river is a good place to continue celebrating with friends and family. The hotel is located between the Banks of the Elbe river and ancient trees. There are not only the traditional buildings with a long history, but also the modern four-star hotel equipment. Spacious banquet hall, or plain blue hall, or golden dome hall, there is always one for you. From DJS to wedding cakes to wedding suites, the Zollenspieker Fahrhaus hotel prepares everything for you.

Sagebiels Fährhaus hotel

The Sagebiels Fährhaus hotel has breathtaking river views. Its long history and its linden tree-lined garden terrace attract couples after couples. There are three wedding venues of different sizes: blue hall, Elbe river view hall and Pesel hall, which can accommodate up to 140 people depending on the size of the wedding. If you book the whole hotel, you will be able to invite more than 250 friends and relatives to celebrate and enjoy the exclusive private space. The hotel restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and is known for its delicious cakes and desserts that will complement your wedding day.

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