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【Introduction】:Ottawa, is the center of politics and power in Canada. In addition to the federal government and its various ministries and agencies, state-level educational, cultural and scientific institutions, museums, and embassies and consulates in Canada and major media are also concentrated in Ottawa.

MICE, consists of the first letter of Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing/Conventions, Exhibitions/Exposition, and Event, is the initial of the exhibition.

Ottawa Awards Tour

Ottawa, is the center of politics and power in Canada. In addition to the federal government and its various ministries and agencies, state-level educational, cultural and scientific institutions, museums, and embassies and consulates in Canada and major media are also concentrated in Ottawa. Whether it is a state visit, a national banquet, or conferences and exhibitions of various forms and grades; whether it is official arrangements, business opportunities, educational research and development, branding promotion, Ottawa is undoubtedly a high-end MICE platform. Ottawa has four distinct seasons. In spring, the city is filled with tulips, and the summer temperature is pleasant. It is an excellent summer resort. In autumn, the red leaves of the mountains have the real artistic concept of “thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow”. In addition to the majestic Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal, which is listed as a World Heritage Site, its beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, cultural blending of English and French, and a large-scale national-level celebration throughout the year make Ottawa an unforgettable place to experience the treasure of the essence of Canada.

The Ottawa Professional Awards team attaches great importance to MICE activities and will make full use of the local rich awards resources, the good relations with governments at all levels and all walks of life to design conference programs with conference organizers, and rely on solid cross-cultural understanding and communication skills to help clients reach the goals of each meeting.

Introduction of some Ottawa's conference venues

Ottawa Conference and Event Centre is a world-class, state-of-the-art venue with unique features. There are 37 different conference halls, the largest of which is 1,019 square meters, which can hold a banquet for 800 people or a reception for 1,200 people.

EY Centre is one of the largest and best-equipped convention centers in eastern Ontario. With 8 exhibition venues, the largest exhibition venue covers an area of 8,361 square meters.

Shaw Centre has the elliptical modern minimalist architecture, with its innovative exterior and world-leading high-tech infrastructure, is ideal for large, cosmopolitan and diverse conferences. With 28 meeting rooms, the 5,178-square-meter Canada Hall can accommodate 6,260 people in the form of a theatre and 4,600 in a banquet.

Canadian Tire Centre is the main building of the Ottawa North American Ice Hockey Professional Team. This stadium, which can accommodate more than 20,000 spectators, is also an important venue for large entertainment and performances in Ottawa. Adjacent to downtown Ottawa, TD Place is the place for professional football, rugby and hockey in Ottawa, and also close to the Rideau Canal, and it can accommodate more than 20,000 viewers. Located on the banks of the Ottawa River, Canadian Museum of History is the first choice for national banquets and major events, across the river from Parliament Hill. The main hall of the pavilion can accommodate up to 800 people.

National Gallery of Canada is located in the center of Canadian capital, with a beautifully lit lobby, a spacious exhibition hall, a peaceful indoor garden and courtyard, and a building that has won architectural awards.

National Arts Centre is located in the heart of Ottawa, adjacent to the Rideau Canal. The largest performance hall can accommodate more than 2,000 spectators. Various function rooms can host various events and banquets.

Ottawa must-see attractions

Parliament Hill

Parliament House is one of Canada's most famous landmarks and the seat of the Canadian federal government. The open square is a place where major events take place, and the number of visitors is constant. The 100-year-old flame that never goes out, the changing ceremony held every day in summer and the light show in the evening bring endless vitality to this historic building.

Government House

The head of Canada is the British monarch. The Governor of Canada is the representative of the British monarch in Canada. Government House is the official residence of the Governor and the residence. The Governor's Office covers an area of 0.36 square kilometers or 88 acres, which is about four-fifths of Tiananmen Square. Its courtyard is open to the public all the year round. Public events include winter skating and summer picnics. In the courtyard, there are more than 130 memorial trees planted by members of the royal family including Chinese leaders and heads of state and other political figures.

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal was built between 1826 and 1832. The Canal played a key role in the selection of Ottawa as the capital of Canada. The canal runs through the city center of Ottawa and is a World Heritage Site awarded by the internationally renowned UNESCO. In winter, Rideau Canal becomes the largest outdoor ice rink in the world. The total length of the ice rink is 7.8 kilometers.

Numerous Canadian National Museums and Art Galleries

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is home to major museums: the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Aerospace Museum, and Canadian Museum of Science, the Canadian Agricultural Museum and the National Gallery of Canada with rich collections, and world-famous cultural treasures.

Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Canadian Mint is the world's leading gold and silver coin foundry. In addition to the gold and silver coins casting process, you can also purchase high-quality, commemorative and collectible gold and silver coins, including the vivid Chinese 12 Zodiac commemorative coins, which are the most Canadian gifts for relatives and friends.

Gatineau National Park

It’s a natural park of more than 300 square kilometers that is only 15-minute drive from downtown Ottawa. The old trees are towering inside, and the wild animals walk through, except for the pure lakes, bicycles, and pedestrian trails, the former residence of the 10th Prime Minister of Canada is deeply hidden here, and the beautiful English and French gardens have become the favorite stop for tourists.

Recommendation of some group activities in Ottawa

Parliament Hill photo

Parliament Hill and its House are the most representative buildings in Canada. A photo of a group in front of the Peace Tower at Parliament Hill Square will be an eternal commemoration of a wonderful moment of the Canadian tour.

Parliament Hill Light Show

Every night from July to September, the spectacular colorful projections on the outer walls of the Parliament building tell the story of Canada through beautiful images and soundtracks. The show will last for half an hour and the visitors can enter for free.

Ottawa River Cruise

The scenery on both sides of the Ottawa River is beautiful. Traveling on the river by boat, listening to the story of the guided tour on the boat, and looking the thousands of sails, such as watching the changes of people and things on the banks of the river in the historical river.

Whitewater surfing

In the calm life of Ottawa, there is never a lack of excitement. Just a 15-minute drive from the city center, on the Ottawa River, a group of kayaks and groups challenged the rapids to give the team a new climax.

Riding tour in Ottawa

There is a 300 km of dedicated bicycle lane in Ottawa for people to exercise and relax. Rent a bicycle together, and enjoy a healthy aerobic exercise with your companions in the green mountains and green waters.

Hiking in Pink Lake

There is a mysterious pink lake in Gatineau Park. Inconsistent with its name, the green lake is like a jade, quietly embedded in the forest. Along the lake, you can hike for an hour on winding mountain roads and quiet forests.

Walking through Gatineau Park

Enjoy the view from the treetops of Gatineau Park! Test your balance and climb up, and join hands with the team to meet the challenges and charm of walking through the treetops.

Recommended Malls

Bayshore Shopping Centre

TD Lansdowne

Rideau Centre


Tanger Outlets Ottawa

Recommended Hotels

Fairmont Chateau Laurier

The Westin Ottawa

Delta Ottawa City Centre

Lord Elgin Hotel

Sheraton Ottawa Hotel

Brookstreet Hotel

Ottawa Marriott Hotel

Novotel Ottawa Hotel

Albert at Bay Suite Hotel

Les Suites Hotel

Recommended Restaurants

Courtyard Restaurant

Beckta Restaurant

Fish Market Restaurant

Signatures Restaurant

Le Café

The Red Lion

Yangtze Dining Lounge

Oriental Chu Shing Restaurant

Craft Beer Market

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