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【Introduction】:The Austrian capital has plenty of space for action. Unlike many other major cities, Vienna boasts huge green areas where children can play to their hearts’ content.

The Austrian capital has plenty of space for action. Unlike many other major cities, Vienna boasts huge green areas where children can play to their hearts’ content. But that is by no means all. Maybe a little princess would like to dance a minuet in a hooped skirt and old-fashioned bodice? Become a child artist? Stroke some snakes? No problem. Here are our top 6 picks for fun-filled activities for the whole family:

Hits for kids Prater

Dive into the colorful adventure world of the Prater, Vienna’s oldest and most popular amusement park, where 250 different stands and attractions wait for you: from a traditional merry-go-round to the ghost train to ultra-modern highlights such as rollercoasters, with which you can reach heights of over 90 meters. Once there, make sure to also go for a leisurely spin aboard the historic Giant Ferris Wheel, taking in the stunning views of the city from 64.75 meters above ground.

Schönbrunn Zoo

Vienna is home to the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world! Located on the grounds of the magnificent Schönbrunn palace it is part of the imperial summer residence of the former emperors and houses more than 700 species – some of them endangered. Visit the orang-utans, giraffes, and rhinoceroses, experience a tropical thunderstorm in the rainforest house and watch the pandas which have already produced offspring several times. And if you’ve had enough of running around, there’s always a trip through the zoo’s grounds aboard the Panoramabahn during the warmer seasons. A large circuit of the Schlosspark includes the Gloriette where fantastic views of the city await.

Natural History Museum

Gigantic dinosaurs, a terror bird, and an incredible variety of creatures from all over the world are on show at this museum, alongside precious stones and priceless s dating back to the earliest days of civilization. Children aged three and over can see the exhibits, play, and conduct their own research during a hands-on tour. At the microtheater the tiniest creatures take centerstage – the fascinating micro-organisms in a single drop of water are magnified several thousand times over and projected onto a screen in 3D.

House of Music

Conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, have a go at banging the timpani or discover what a baby can hear from the safety of its mother’s tummy – it’s all possible at the House of Music. Little visitors can experiment with their own compositions on the computer and record their creations on a CD to take home – there is even a chance to make animals dance, clap, and jump in a multimedia theater. Kids’ tours and children’s concerts are also on the bill.

The Old Danube

Especially in spring and summer when the weather is getting warmer and the sun is out the Old Danube is the perfect spot to spend a fun filled day surrounded by lush greenery. Relax on one of the numerous public lidos, cool off with a dip in the Old Danube or treat yourself to a boat trip (pedalos and electric and row boats available for hire). The surrounding cafés offer refreshments, snacks and local delicacies and some of them even prepare picnic baskets which can be taken out for the boat trips.

House of the Sea

Want to get to grips with a shark or get up close and personal with a piranha? Or maybe witness the fearless divers in the shark pool? You and your children can come face to face with any of the 10,000 creatures that call the House of the Sea home: fish from Austria and faraway countries, tortoises, crocodiles, venomous snakes and constrictors, leaf cutter ants, free-flying birds, and roving monkeys. Tip: Check out the views over Vienna from the ocean'sky rooftop café!

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