Autumn season in Dongning, colorful autumn scenery

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【Introduction】:At the end of September and the beginning of October, Dongning s colorful and intertwined Wuhuashan color constitutes a beautiful golden autumn scenery for photographers.

With the autumn wind, the poetry and romance are fixed with lens. Unfold the wings of your imagination and create your own world of wonderland.

Dongning City is located at the southeastern end of Heilongjiang Province. It is the largest highway port in Russia in Mudanjiang Province and the only city with maritime climate in Mudanjiang Province. The city's forest coverage rate is 85.2%. There is no cold in winter, no heat in summer, rich in products and pleasant scenery. It is known as the little Jiangnan of Heilongjiang. Dongning City is 50 kilometers away from Suifenhe Railway Station and has long-distance buses to Harbin, Mudanjiang, Suifenhe and Hunchun.

Tongling Ridge, Dongning - Photography: Qi Xifan

Dongning Five Star Rice Field - Photography: Jin Zhengjie

Dongning Hongye Valley - Photography: Hou Deqiang

Dongning Hongye Valley - Photography: Hu Min

Dongning Hanconghe Forest Farm - Photography: Huang Lin

Dongning Tiger and Leopard Park - Photography: Xu Lijuan

Autumn in Dongning Field-Photography: Xiangxiuzhen

Dongning Rice Field Scenery - Photography: Cheng Lijun

Dongning Dongting Scenery - Photography: Su Wei

Dongning Warm Spring River Forest Farm - Photography: Wang Fubo

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