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【Introduction】:Milano is a very food-friendly city and the opportunities for dining out well are virtually endless, ranging from exclusive and Michelin-starred restaurants to popular and tasty trattorie and street food.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The aesthetics of a sophisticated location combine elegant architecture and innovative, yet traditional, cuisine: Ristorante Cracco is proof of how all these elements can harmonize in the same space. One of Milan’s most recently celebrated restaurants.

Ristorante Tokuyoshi

via San Calocero 3

Japanese and Italian culture and cuisine meet and blend beatifully at this quaint restaurant tucked away on a small street just outside the city center. Traditional Italian flavors and ingredients are expressed through Japanese technique and asthetics, presented in creative, artful and surprising ways. The menu changes regularly to showcase fresh ideas and offer a unique experience no matter what you order.

Source:Milan Tourism Bureau


via Watt, 37.

A culinary journey through innovative cuisine that harmoniously combines elements of classic and contemporary cooking, with a strong connection to the territory and reliance on local, fresh foods and local sourcing.


via Monte di Pietà, 18.

Seta has fast become one of Milan’s most talked-about dining destinations. Updating traditional recipes with his own creative culinary techniques, Chef Guida’s menu offers an exciting, contemporary take on classic Italian cuisine.


via P. Castaldi, 18.

Still the only vegetarian restaurant in Italy to claim a star, Joia continues to push the boundaries of fine dining from its location in the heart of Milan. Despite its well-earned reputation, the restaurant is incredibly understated and intimate, allowing the food to do the talking.

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