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【Introduction】:Located on the 11 km beach on the west coast of the Netherlands, The Hague is ideally located for easy access by boat, plane, train or car.

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam enjoys an excellent location and convenient transportation. Therefore, tourists often choose Amsterdam as the first stop in the Netherlands. But in fact, in addition to Amsterdam, The Hague also has convenient transportation and excellent geographical conditions. Compared to Amsterdam, the consumption cost of The Hague is lower, and the hotel is cheaper under the same conditions. Unlike the traffic congestion in Amsterdam, The Hague has a more relaxed and comfortable traffic situation and living environment. Located on the 11 km beach on the west coast of the Netherlands, The Hague is ideally located for easy access by boat, plane, train or car. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is less than 30 km away and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is approximately 40 km from The Hague. There are a lot of parking lots. At the same time, after arriving in The Hague, it is also very convenient to take public transport: it takes only 10 to 15 minutes by tram or bus from the city centre to Scheveningen Beach. The two train stations are located in the middle of the low-traffic area of the city centre.

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Air transportation

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the largest airport in the Netherlands and the fourth largest in Europe. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers direct flights to hundreds of destinations around the world, including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, New Delhi, and Beijing. From the airport arrival hall, you can walk to the train station just below the airport. The train ride from Schiphol to The Hague city centre takes only 30 minutes. Rotterdam-The Hague Airport offers direct flights to 40 destinations in Europe including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Rome, Barcelona, Antwerp, Brussels, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Paris, Nice, Geneva and more. This modern airport is only 20 km from the centre of The Hague. From the airport you can quickly and easily reach the two main railway stations in The Hague.

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There are two main train stations in The Hague. Trains from Belgium, Amsterdam/Schiphol and Rotterdam arrive at Den Haag HS station, while trains from Germany and Utrecht enter Den Haag Central station.


You can also take the tram or bus from the centre of The Hague to the beach of Scheveningen. Alternatively, you can purchase a round-trip ticket at the NS ticket vending machine and select Scheveningen as your destination. Your train ticket will include a tram tour to the beach.

Keukenhof Park

It is also very convenient to reach the Keukenhof Park from The Hague Central Station. You can take the train to get off at Leiden and transfer to the park.

Night train

The night train departs from Rotterdam, passes through Delft, The Hague, Leiden, Schiphol and Amsterdam, then to Utrecht, and then returns. On Thursday to Saturday nights, trains depart to Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven. On these nights, there are also direct trains between Rotterdam and Utrecht. At The Hague, the night train stops at the Den Haag HS station. You can buy tickets directly from the ticket vending machine or at the ticket window.

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By car

The Hague can be reached from two major highways: the A4 between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and the A12 from Utrecht and Germany. When you leave the highway, you will reach the centre of The Hague with only two sets of traffic lights. These two routes will take you to the low-traffic area of the city centre and take you to the nearest car park with free parking. After entering a compact, low-traffic shopping area, you can easily walk to all places.


Anyone who wants to go to Scheveningen Beach should follow the signs for Scheveningen Bad or ScheveningenHaven. During off-peak hours, you can get there within ten minutes. For the latest traffic information on Scheveningen, visit:


KijkduinKijkduin is easily reached by car. From the motorway, take the DenHaag Zuid-west exit to the beach resort. At the same time, you can park your car free of charge throughout Kijkduin, so this is the ideal beach location for your own car.

Keukenhof Park

Take the 90 bus from The Hague Central Station, you can go directly to the entrance to the Keukenhof Park and get off at the park for 5 minutes.

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By boat


The Hague, one of the important ports in the Netherlands, its port is located in Scheveningen in the North Sea. The Scheveningen Yacht Club welcomes visitors who sail to Scheveningen throughout the year, whether you want to stay in The Hague for a short or long term. The Scheveningen Yacht Club is located directly at the harbour of Scheveningen and is just a short walk from the beach, sand dunes and shops. At the same time, the port office is open as usual during the winter.

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Public transport in The Hague

The Hague has a convenient public transport service. In order to travel in public transport in The Hague, you will need an OV-chipkaart with sufficient credit. You can purchase OV-chipkaart at any ticket machine at the train station and at Albert Heijn, Bruna and Primera. You can also recharge your OV-chipkaart card at the HTM service point at The Hague Central Station and the Dutch Schiphol (HS) station in The Hague. If you do not have an OV bus card, you can purchase a day card at the Hague Tourist Information Office ('VVV') for unlimited HTM transport day trips. How to use the day pass In order to use the one-day ticket for The Hague correctly, you need to swipe your card when you get on and off by public transport. A scanner is installed at the entrance of all trams and buses to verify the ticket. The day ticket is valid from the date of first verification until the end of the day.

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Cycling in The Hague

Ride a bicycle

Cycling is a great way to explore The Hague, the coast and the dunes. There are dedicated bicycle lanes on almost every main street, countless bicycle berths and plenty of bicycles to rent.

Bicycle rental

You can rent bicycles at the train station, in the centre of the city of Dues Rijwielen and Scheveningen.

Bicycle storage

The city has a free bicycle storage service in the city. There are different storage areas in the city centre where you can park your bicycle for a day. At the same time, in the summer, there are also guarded bicycle storage areas in several places on the beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin. Bring a bicycle to a bus or tram. When you choose to take public transportation, you can bring a folding bicycle to a tram and bus. However, it is not allowed to bring non-foldable bicycles to a bus or tram.

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The types and scope of accommodation in The Hague is very wide. Hotels, apartments, guest houses, holiday homes and campsites range from budget rooms to a variety of luxury hotels, each with different seasonal offers and attractive prices. In the heart of the historic city centre of The Hague, you will find many boutique hotels, apartments and business hotels. In the heart of city life, there are many landmarks, shops and outings nearby. The city centre is easily accessible so you can easily visit all the attractions on foot from the accommodation. Scheveningen has a variety of beach hotels where you can enjoy beautiful sea views. Holiday travel: Please make sure you book in advance, especially during the summer months. Near the Keizerstraat in Scheveningen, you can find comfortable family hotels and apartments in the fashionable Statenkwartier, which also has a large business hotel.

Kijkduin Beach is the second seaside resort in The Hague, and if you want to enjoy the natural scenery and coastline, it is an ideal place to go. The hotel on the boulevard overlooks the North Sea and the dunes, while the resort behind the dunes is for those who want to see the sea.

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