Saying goodbye to summer | 10 top places of Hamburg to go in autumn and winter

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【Introduction】:From the last Sunday in October, Germany enters the winter time! All of a sudden, it gets dark from 5:00 pm. But there is no need to worry since Hamburg will not easily start hibernation! We have summarized 10 top places of Hamburg for entertainment so that you can have great fun and discover the great charm of Hamburg in the short but incredible autumn and winter time.

From the last Sunday in October, Germany enters the winter time! All of a sudden, it gets dark from 5:00 pm. But there is no need to worry since Hamburg will not easily start hibernation! We have summarized 10 top places of Hamburg for entertainment so that you can have great fun and discover the great charm of Hamburg in the short but incredible autumn and winter time.

1. Hamburger dom is coming again!

Hamburger Dom at Heiligengeistfeld, St. Pauli had its grand opening on November 8th! As the biggest folk festival in Northern Germany, Hamburger Dom will last for one month until December 8th. The ubiquitous cuisines and exciting entertainment facilities will surely leave a deep impression on you. Especially at dusk and in the evening, there will be the brightest light in Hamburg. Every Wednesday is the family day with special discounts and promotion. At 10:30 pm every Friday, the dazzling fireworks show will light up the whole sky.

Address: Heiligengeistfeld, 20359 Hamburg

Opening Time:

15:00-23:00, Monday to Saturday

14:00-23:00, Sunday

2. Dancing on the ice and snow sports field

Both skiing professionals and amateur lovers can eventually showcase their talents on the ice and snow sports filed of EisArena. You can dance on the ice and snow or try to keep your balance. No matter whether you are with your beloved ones or on your own, ice and snow activities will surely bring great fun to your life in winter. ParkCafé which is beside the sports field provides hot drinks and dishes for you to choose!

Address: Holstenwall 30, 20355 Hamburg

Opening Time: 10:00-22:00, Monday to Sunday

3. Walking along the bank of the Elbe in the evening

Why not walk along the bank of the Elbe in the evening like in the daytime? From Elbbrücken of the seaport city to Landungsbrücken of St. Pauli, from the fish market in Altona to Övelgönne, the port panorama is a fantastic picture, especially in the evening. Those that have not walked enough(10,000 steps each day at best) can continue to walk towards Blankenese. In stark contrast with that in summer, the evening in winter is rather quiet. Put on your down coat, wool cap and scarf and hit the road!

4. Exploring the mysterious city of Hamburg

Although Halloween has already passed, the horror journey in Hamburg is far from finished. The dark corners and horrible lanes will continuously make your hair stand on end. For those that don’t dare to go out all alone in the dark but cannot resist the attraction , exploring city streets is already exciting enough! On the mysterious journey in Hamburg, you can find a great many hidden places and forgotten secrets. Come on! Embark on the journey of exploration and explore the horrible legends of the city!

Address: Domstraße 9, 20095 Hamburg

Opening Time:

After 17:00, Saturday

After 14:00, Sunday

5. OPOLUM--75 minutes of spiraling adrenal hormone

Feeling bored in November? Come to OPOLUM! Here, you can experience 75 minutes of excitement. OPOLUM is more than a classical theatre. As viewers, you will become part of the performance and experience the fierceness. OPOLUM Interactive Theatre combines theaters, escape rooms, dungeons and radio drama. Your task is to stay calm!

Address: Alter Wandrahm 7, 20457 Hamburg

Opening Time:

12:00-22:00, Monday to Friday

10:00-23:00, Saturday

10:00-21:00, Sunday

6. Die Heiße Ecke

All people of St. Pauli usually gather in the snack bar Heiße Ecke. For Mikie, Frankie and Pitter from Pinneberg, the couple Straube, the hoarder Henning, the night shift worker Hannelore, and prostitutes Nadja, Sylvie and Martina, Heiße Ecke is their stage. Here, they can laugh out aloud and eat curry sausages while watching shows. Here, life artists will have their setbacks and the commoners can get a clear idea of their destiny. The red-light district musical Heiße Ecke presents the true image of Hamburg in a frank and humorous manner. Stop waiting and come to Schmidts TIVOLI of St. Pauli. Relax yourself and laugh out aloud together with Heiße Ecke!

Address: Spielbudenplatz 27-28, 20359 Hamburg

7. A photo journey at Hamburg Port

In November, the earlier sunset will bring great benefits. During this time, the sunset puts the sky and the horizon into bright reddish golden light. It is a fantastic opportunity for taking photos. You can take photos around the Trans-Alster Lake, through the new harbor city, or on the Elbe Philharmonic Hall square. Here, you can view the panorama from the new harbor city to the Dockland office building. You can also share your best pictures on Instagram so that the whole city can see your works. The mother of nature is still the most creative artist!

Address: Platz der Deutschen Einheit, 20457 Hamburg

Opening Time: 9:00-23:30, Monday to Sunday

8. Come to Savoy Cinema for the premiere!

Savoy Cinema is one of the top places for film lovers in Hamburg. The cinema is characterized by original films and key movies of the British theatre. Of course, the cinema boasts of the latest broadcasting technologies and one of Hamburg’s biggest screens which can ensure no detail will be missed. In addition to Hollywood blockbusters, film premieres will be played every Friday. When you are impressed by the fantastic premieres, you will find that all the seats here are already occupied.

Address: Steindamm 54, 20099 Hamburg

Opening Time: 14:00-22:30, Monday to Sunday

9. Schweiz Ahoi Cheese Hot Pot

Here comes the season for cheese hot pot. We strongly suggest coming to Hoheluft on time. Schweiz Ahoi is a top place for eating cheese hot pot. It is located in Hamburg and boasts of the atmosphere of the Alps and authentic Swiss cuisines. There are all kinds of delicious food and fine alcohol drinks. Eating here is real business! In addition to the cheese hot pot, there are various cheese and Raclette placed on the cold dish---all is surely authentic Swiss cheese! Please note that there are only 20 seats and they can be occupied in a short time. Please make a reservation if you want to go there.

Address: Eppendorfer Weg 193, 20253 Hamburg

Opening Time: 17:00-23:00, Monday to Saturday

10. Opernloft--90 minutes of opera

Can’t stop yawning when watching opera? We were like this before. But the situation is quite different in Opernloft! Here, you can enjoy yourself all night and the whole opera lasts only 90 minutes. The location alone is worth praising and it is simply a perfect piece of artwork. Moreover, our bands will present the best tunes. The art concept of Opernloft stands out in Germany and has won a great many awards. The creative team makes its own arrangement and develops new forms. Crime opera is a great success and events like opera and singer competitions have been presented on the stage of Opernloft. All is made even more beautiful by the light of the seaport--brilliant!

Address: Van-Der-Smissen-Straße 4, 22767 Hamburg

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