World Tourism Cities IX

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【Introduction】:World Tourism Cities IX, theme: Pursuing Water for Leisure Water, a Key Element in Tourism

World Tourism City IX main points:


World Tourism Cities Federation Chongqing FragrantHills Tourism Summit 2016

Governor of US Virgin Islands Visits Beijing and meets with Deputy Secretary-General Li Baochun

WTCF Attends International Conference of Integrated Quality Management in Tourism Destinations in Romania

WTCF Visits Copenhagen, Helsinki and Dublin

WTCF Invites Travel Agents and Media Representatives to Visit Chongqing to Promote Local Tourism Resources

Topic:Pursuing Water for Leisure Water, a Key Element in Tourism

Where to go in Beijing this Summer? Water Resorts in the Suburbs Should Not Be Missed out

Sanya, the Oriental Hawaii

Come to the fishing Villages in Qingdao and Get Closer to the Sea

Melbourne, a City of Adventures and Fantasies

Busan Sea Festival and Busan International Magic Festival

Bangkok Floating Fair Riding a Canoe to Roam the Paradise


Shared Economy: The New Vitality for Tourism Industry Growth


Tour of the One and Only Helsinki

All-in-one travel tips for West Lake in Hangzhou

Chengdu: The City You Will Never Want to Leave

Sofia: a Charming Garden City

The 10 Places Parisians Want to Keep a Secret

Take Your Little One to Hamburg

Madrid: Culinary Delights


Get visa, get ready, go

Global News

France endeavours to double the number of Chinese tourists to France within five years

Thailand presents 2017 Tourism Scheme, promoting in-depth travel experience

National investment in tourism in the first half of the year shows an increase of 30.5% from the same period last year

Chinese tourists will contribute over 100 billion US dollars to the Australian economy

Boom in cruising shows income growth and increase in luxury travel

The number of Chinese tourists entering Russia with visa exemption increased by 50% in the first five months of this year from the same period last year

Argentina may waive visa requirement to Chinese visitors in its new plan to promote tourism

New Members of WTCF



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