2015 Chinese Cycling League kicks off at Qiandao Lake Scenic Area

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【Introduction】:Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province held the 2015 Chinese Cycling League in its Qiandao Lake Scenic Area on Mar 28-29.

Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province held the 2015 Chinese Cycling League in its Qiandao Lake Scenic Area on Mar 28-29.

The "League" is one of China's prime public cycling events and is held annually in the country. It was previously held in Beijing's Yanqing county as well as Xingyi city in Guizhou province since its first launch in 2014. The Qiandao Lake Scenic Area was the first stop of this year's event.

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Among all the cycling events held in the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area, the Cycling League attracted the largest number of cyclists, with more than 640 professional riders from 31 provinces and municipalities as well as more than 1,000 amateurs taking part in it.

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The event had five categories: men's public category (road), women's public category (road), men's age category A (mountain), men's age category B (mountain) and finally the popular category. Participants in men's public group raced along the 140 km track around the lake. Zhang Ruilong won the race, becoming the first champion in a race track longer than 100 km in the history of the league.

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Infrastructure at the Qiandao Lake has been instrumental in the success of this year's League organization. Local authorities started building the around-the-lake track in 2011. The Chunyang section, which was completed in early 2015, connects with the Qiandao Lake—Fenkou greenway, the Pailing greenway and the city greenway. The 140 km around-the-lake greenway ranks the first place in county-level greenways across the country.

The greenway runs through villages and across tunnels. Some facilities were built along the greenway for riders to rest and enjoy picturesque scenery during the race.

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Qiandao Lake Scenic Area is a five-A tourist attraction. It boasts a picturesque waterway and holds various events every year.

Co-sponsors of the event were the Chinese Cycling Association and the Sports Bureau of Zhejiang province.

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