Car free walking tours in Culver City

Publish Time:2015-04-30

【Introduction】:Tourists who visit Culver City, a city in western Los Angeles County, California, can have "Car Free LA" tours of their choice.

Tourists who visit Culver City, a city in western Los Angeles County, California, can have "Car Free LA" tours of their choice, which feature a series of self-guided itineraries including the recently-launched "Discover Culver City Car Free".

"Car Free LA" is an environmental project initiated by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board (LA Tourism) on the 44 th Earth Day on Apr 22, 2013. It offers a new way for tourists to experience the hidden gems of LA's diverse neighborhoods via foot, bicycle and Metro.

"Discover Culver City Car Free" tours Culver City markets as a destination for art, dining and theatre. Under its guidance, tourists will travel to attractions such as the legendary Sony Pictures Studios, one of the world's most storied locations for motion picture production, and the Culver Hotel, a flatiron-style building where the Munchkins from "The Wizard of Oz" stayed during the movie's filming.

Following the itinerary, tourists will also be guided to Thinkspace Gallery where the contemporary artworks by young and emerging artists from around the world are showcased, and the Bucato, a restaurant located in the Helms Bakery complex, where immaculately executed dishes will come out of chef Evan Funke's kitchen.

Culver City is located near Santa Monica Beach and Beverly Hills. It makes a fitting car-free hub as its neighborhoods can easily be explored without needing a car. It is on the Expo Line, a light rail line that runs from downtown LA to Culver City.

Step into any of LA's walkable neighborhoods and experience the best of Culver City. More information about the itineraries can be found on the official website of LA Tourism:


It is wise to keep a few things in mind when you plan on an excursion in Culver City. Wear comfortable shoes, carry plenty of drinking water, use sunscreen and wear sunglasses. Do not forget to take a camera with you to record beautiful scenery and places.

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