She Minority Weaves Itself Into Hangzhou’s Silk Museum

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【Introduction】:In China and since the year 2006 the 2nd Saturday in every June has been dedicated to ‘Cultural Heritage Day’.

  In China and since the year 2006 the 2nd Saturday in every June has been dedicated to ‘Cultural Heritage Day’. To welcome the 10th Cultural Heritage Day, falling this Saturday 13 June, an exhibition featuring the culture of She Minority (畲族) will be on view in Hangzhou’s China Silk Museum. The exhibition is co-hosted by the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Cultural Relics Bureau, the People's Government of Jingning She Minority Autonomy County (景宁畲族自治县), China Silk Museum, Jingning She Minority Museum and She Village Folk Culture Museum.

  The She People, known as ‘Shanha(山哈)’- which literally means guest of the mountains, are one of the 56 minority groups in China. The minority used to dwell in Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong province but have since immigrated to the mountainous areas in other provinces including that of Zhejiang. Currently over 90 percent of the She People are living in Zhejiang and Fujiang and the Jingning She Minority Autonomy County in Zhejiang Province is the first and the only of its kind in China.

  In their age-long history the She People have woven their own unique and dazzling culture which is well presented in the phoenix clothing embroidered by men, their coloured ribbon, their fist- fighting, their unwritten language and traditional folk songs and customs. The She Minority also has three cultural relics listed under the first group of National Level Intangible Cultural Relics in China.

  The exhibition displays over 200 exhibits of 5 sections and showcases articles of everyday use including clothing, ornaments and weaving tools and also covers almost every aspect of the She People’s lives. The highlight of the exhibition is the ‘2014 She Minority Clothing Design’, in which numerous entries infuse the She culture’s traditional elements with modern day thoughts - producing a unique clothing design.

  Time: June 5 – Aug. 24

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