Lyric prose contest on the topic of Altay customs

Publish Time:2015-07-08

【Introduction】:Altay Daily, and its tourist administration have plans for 30 micro films that reflect local conditions and customs accompanied by a lyric prose competition concerning local conditions and customs

To give the area around Altay, in the Xinjiang region greater publicity and to develop the tourist business there, Altay Radio and TV University, Altay Daily, and its tourist administration have plans for 30 micro films that reflect local conditions and customs accompanied by a lyric prose competition concerning local conditions and customs.

The prose contest involves the followings:

Ⅰ. Themes

1. Natural scenery: The prose can be built around 20 key scenic areas in “1,000 miles of galleries” area of Altay -- the grass fairyland with three Haizi, the geographic marvel at Koktokay, the fantasy castle at Wucaicheng, the fiery forest of Red Leaves Valley, the Alxa Hot Spring health spa, the scenic grassland at Yekewutekele, the place of happiness in the desert at Ulungur Lake, “Jurassic Park” at Jila Canyon, the General Hill Ski Resort for fashion and fitness, Kelan Big Canyon for relaxation, Tuolehaite with the Buddha light and shadow of cranes, the beauty of Yardang Wucai Beach, the place of peace at Kanans, the place of childhood at Hemu, the intoxicating autumn at Baihaba, the herd heaven at Naren, the charming scenery of White Birch Forest, the eye of the desert at Pasir Puteh, the nature at Prairie Stone City Resort, and the Sayihengbulake summer pasture.

2. Folk customs: The prose can focus on the folk customs of the Kazakh ethnic group, such as the playing and singing of Arkin, or the special game “girl chasing”, with 10 aspects to choose from. Ⅱ. Duration: July 1 - Sept 10, 2015 Ⅲ. Genre: lyric prose The composition can use 800-1,000 words and any piece above 1,000 words will be automatically disqualified. Scene and custom can be used only once. Ⅳ. Awards

Awards will be announced after a preliminary,re-examination and final assessment, with 30 first, second and third prizes and certificates to be given to the award winners. The works will also be compiled in a journal.

Ⅴ. Other things to note

1. There is no fee for the competition.

2. It should have the author’s real name and a contact number or information.

3. E-mail the completed work to with “prose competition” in the box, or send it to Li Qingwen, long-distance education dept, Altay Radio and TV University.

4. The sponsors of the competition have the rights to the award-winning works, while the author retains the copyright, and will use the works that best reflect the folk customers for the micro films, which will be shown on the national digital learning resource center website.

5. The authors should make sure of the copyright and are responsible for handling any legal disputes.

Ⅵ. Grading

1. Content (25 points)

a. This should be correct and convincing, and closely related to local conditions and customs, with the time and place clearly noted and names of people and affairs correctly noted.

b. The works should have a clear topic that is close to the nature, conditions, and customs of Altay and should be positive.

c. The grammar and wording should be proper with words that are beneficial and show friendship. Famous idioms, proverbs, or quotes can give it a good finish, but these things and slang should be used sparingly, not excessively, and not improperly.

2. Vividness (25 points)

a. The content should be specific and concrete in method and technique, but can combine legends, historic tales, or comments of artists about local conditions and customs, to raise the literary quality and ideas.

b. Vivid words should be used to create a feeling of beauty and the logic should be clear and consistent.

c. Rhetoric Should be used properly, to make it interesting, along with humorous language.

3. Easy to grasp (25 points)

a. Pay close attention to normal language with good taste and avoid using words that are difficult to understand and pronounce.

b. The content should be concise, clear, exact and logical to give the piece readability and make it impressive.

4. Highlights (25 points)

a. The writing should have a precise structure, layers of meaning, good details and be brief.

b. Each scene has its own characteristics which should be shown in different perspectives to highlight it in a grand way if possible.

c. It should highlight the features and difference of scenic spots and customs as well as the general.

d. Full, versatile language, and cordial and artistic expressions can be used to express the natural of scenic spots and the human condition.

Ⅶ. Other

Organizers: Zou Feng, head; Zhou Jinsheng, deputy head; and Yang Xinfeng. These are mainly in charge of planning, organization, publicizing, and implementation of the competition. The requirements call for experts and scholars to judge the submissions in accordance with a principle of fairness, impartiality and openness.

Address: .8 Jinshan Rd, Altay Radio and TV University, Altay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region

Contact person: Huang Shumei

Contact number: 090-6215-1131

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