Tourism Fiji Launched "Care Fiji Commitment" Programme, Waiting for the Chinese Tourists to Visit Fiji

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【Introduction】:Tourism Fiji has recently launched the “Care Fiji Commitment” programme which is designed to reassure travelers that Fiji is a safe destination to visit on their next holiday.

Tourism Fiji has recently launched the “Care Fiji Commitment” programme which is designed to reassure travelers that Fiji is a safe destination to visit on their next holiday.

Developed in consultation with stakeholders from the tourism industry, through the Tourism Recovery Team and endorsed by the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce and Ministry of Health and Medical Services, the programme will play a significant role in Tourism Fiji’s market re-entry plans.

Since the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, Fiji has made health and safety its priority. Due to Fiji’s quick and effective response to COVID-19, Fiji has been able to contain the virus from a very early stage, and its effective containment measures meant Fiji was able to officially declare itself COVID-contained as of June, 2020.

The “Care Fiji Commitment” ensures an aligned communication platform for how Fiji communicates and demonstrates its health and safety credentials as well as COVID-19 management protocols to both local and international visitors.

Businesses are invited to join the programme, making a commitment to adopting the Fijian Government’s COVID-19 Safe Guidelines, through the nomination of a Wellness Ambassador who will complete a training programme, create an action plan and train tourism frontline workers on best practice COVID-19 mitigation. Upon completion, tourism businesses can then access the Care Fiji Commitment tools and resources that can be displayed at their businesses.

Through the Care Fiji Commitment, the following mitigation measures will be highlighted to potential travelers:

Border restrictions to protect Fiji, its people and its visitors

o Visitors from COVID-contained countries and territories can enter Fiji without quarantine

o Border restrictions for other travelers with 14-day mandatory quarantine

Best practice COVID-19 mitigation measures across the tourism industry

o In-flight - Fiji Airways 'Travel Ready' on-board wellness programme

o At the airport - Nadi International following international airport protocols

o During your holiday - Fiji tourism businesses upholding best practice standards and operating under COVID safe guidelines

Destination-wide COVID-19 health and hygiene policies

o Enhanced sanitation practices across all tourism businesses

o Physical distancing practices in place

o Contact tracing protocols in place

o Case identification process in place

Frontline staff trained in COVID-19 safe practices

o Our frontline workers have undertaken a COVID safe training programme developed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and Tourism Fiji

o A Wellness Ambassador at each business dedicated to implementing COVID-19 safe practices

Globally recognized control and mitigation measures

o Testing and surveillance processes aligned with WHO recommendations

o Local testing available for COVID-19 at the Fiji Centre for Disease Control using the gold standard method for COVID-19 testing

o WHO accredited isolation facilities in place

o Clear procedures in place for suspected cases

o Dedicated drop-in fever clinics across Fiji for concerned visitors showing symptoms

o Dedicated COVID hotline

"CareFiji" contact tracing app

o Downloadable smartphone app for contact tracing

o Added layer of security for visitors that ensures any contact with a COVID-19 case will be quickly and seamlessly identified.

o Everyone planning a trip to Fiji will also be asked to be responsible for the wellbeing of the country and show commitment to the programme

o Postponing any travel if they feel unwell

o Undertaking a test prior to travel

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