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【Introduction】:Kharkiv is the largest industrial, educational, trade and transport center of Ukraine.

Kharkiv city is the heart of eastern Ukraine; it attracts us with its greatness, hospitality, and openness. The city was founded in 1654 by Ukrainian Cossacks and peasants who built on these lands a fortress to protect the southern borders of the state from the invasion of nomads.

Today Kharkiv is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, and is the administrative centre of Kharkiv Oblast. The city has an area of more than 300 square kilometers with population of more than 1.5 million people.

Kharkiv is the largest industrial, educational, trade and transport center of Ukraine. Products of Kharkiv enterprises, including such science-intensive as modern tanks, planes, turbines, are well-known in the world market.

Kharkiv has a rich historical heritage, but is justly considered to be the student capital of Ukraine. About 300 000 students are enrolled in higher education institutions in our city.

Kharkiv amazingly intertwines antiquity and modernity. Noble mansions, Art Nouveau buildings, constructivist buildings of the 20th century, post-war Stalinist neoclassical buildings - all of them, without exaggeration, are true masterpieces of architecture.

A lot of national and international events, including workshops, seminars and conferences, are held. The existing infrastructure, availability of conference rooms and the level of related service areas create the necessary conditions for the development of various types of tourism in the city, first of all – business tourism.

The city has a developed transport infrastructure which connects all parts of the city. The city also has the Kharkiv International Airport. Currently Kharkiv is connected by direct scheduled flights to major cities. Kharkiv is ready to accept any category of tourists; the hotel room capacity is about 3000 rooms.

Kharkiv is always delighted to host visitors!

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