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【Introduction】:Beijing tourism market is vast, but it is also quite a mixed bag

Special Notes

Beijing tourism market is vast, but it is also quite a mixed bag. Non-standard deeds have occurred frequently, such as illegal taxi for tourism – banned but still practiced widely. Every morning there are travel buses to the Great Wall at Beijing Zoo and Qianmen, but in fact many of them are black cars that have been prohibited for many years (the conductor and the driver will enthusiastically peddle “15 yuan for one day trip.”)

Tickets & Opening Hours

The opening hours of many attractions in Beijing are very complicated. They not only vary along with low and peak seasons, but also will be divided into three quarters of the year in some scenic spots and quarterly opening hours are different. Besides, large-scale attractions such as the Forbidden City will stop selling tickets or clean up the site half an hour before closing. Please be sure to understand the situation beforehand.


There are many vehicles in Beijing, so traffic jams are very common and traffic control measures are complex. Therefore, please arrange ample time for visiting Beijing. If it is a self-drive tour, be sure to know the day’s traffic control situation in advance in order to avoid being stuck on the road, or even unable to go out. In addition, you may wish to consider taking the metro in the rush hour a sit may be faster.

Proposal for dressing

There is a big temperature difference between the morning and evening in Beijing, so you need to prepare some warm clothing, such as long-sleeved shirt, cotton, leather clothing and so on according to the season. Since summer is hot and rainy, please protect yourself from sunburn and pay attention to the rain.

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