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【Introduction】:There are two bus stations in Sevilla

There are two bus stations in Sevilla:

1. Plaza de Armas: Plaza de Armas lies in the west of the city and on the east bank of the Guadalquivir River. It is not far away from Museum of Fine Arts. Here, you can take the bus to Central Spain, North Spain, and the site of Italica that is located in Santiponce, west of Sevilla.

Address: Avda. Cristo de la Expiración s/n

How to get there: Take Bus 6, Bus A2, Bus B5, Loop Line C3, or Loop Line C4

2. Prado de San Sebastian: Prado de San Sebastian is near Jardines de Murillo. Here, you can take the bus to different regions of Andalusia.

Address: Prado de San Sebastián s/n

How to get here: TakeTram T1, Loop Line C1, or Loop Line C2

Speed limits of Spanish roads: 120 km/h for expressway, 100 km/h for main roads, 90 km/h for secondary roads, and 50 km/h for roads within the city

Road mileages:

Sevilla-Madrid: 535 km

Sevilla-Barcelona: 1,001 km

Sevilla-Granada: 250 km

Sevilla-Córdoba: 144 km



1,40 €

Bought on-board or from vending machines at tram stops. It´s valid for one trip


Minimum: 7€

maximum 50€

It´s charged with minimum amount according to the current fare. You can recharge it and choose with or

without transfer at any moment.

To be bought at:

1.- Information point at Prado San Sebastián and Plaza Ponce de León.

2.- More than 800 points distributed by the whole Seville (tobacco shops, kiosks)

When you buy this card you must pay 1,50€ as a deposit

Price of the trip: without transfer: 0,69€

with transfer: 0,76€ (transfers during one hour).


1 day 5€

3 days 10€

This pass allows unlimited journeys to be made for one or three days after the first use.

Not valid for transfer to Airport Service.

To be bought at: information points and sales TUSSAM

Tickets office in Plaza Ponce de León. Opening hours: Monday to Friday except Bank holidays

9:00-2pm and 5-7.15pm

Tickets office Prado San Sebastián (close to Metro-Centro stop). Opening hours :Monday to Friday

except Bank holidays 8:00- 8pm.

When you buy this card you must pay 1,50€ as a deposit


4 €

Bought on-board or at the Airport stop.

It´s valid for one trip

Multiple-journey pass also valid

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