Chengdu Bus

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【Introduction】:Chengdu Bus

Shuttle Bus

1. New South Gate Stop

Address: Xinnan Road, reachable by Bus 6, 28, 49, 55, 301.

Bound for: nearby areas

Contact: 0086-028-85433609

2. North City Stop

Address: Wukuaishi Overpass on 2nd ring road.

Bound for: East Sichuan and North Sichuan

Contact: 0086-028-83173612

3. International Trade Mall Stop

Address: No. 301 on 2nd ring road

Bound for: districts along Chengyu line

Contact: 0086-028-83386445, 83320458, 833205783

4. Wugui Bridge Stop

Address: Next to Tazishan park, reachable by Bus 2, 4, 21, 37, 49, 58.

Bound for: Chongqing, Yibin, Zigong, Nanning, Guilin, Beiling

Contact: 0086-028-84711692

5. Chakezi Stop

Address: 3rd ring road in west city, reachable by Bus 4, 17, 29, 82, 86, 105.

Bound for: western Sichuan

Contact: 0086-028-87506625, 0086-028-87506610, 0086-028-87506603, 0086-028-87503317

6. Jinsha Stop

Address: next to Maidelong supermarket on 2nd ring road

Bound for: Wenjiang, Xinjing, Meishan, Chanxian, Longquan

7. Shi Yang Chang Stop

Address: outside south 3rd ring, reachable by Bus 11, 12, 28, 61, 78.

Bound for: Chengya, Chengle, Yaxi

Contact: 0086-028-85314666

Inner City Bus

Bus transit is the most important mode of public transport in Chengdu. There are more than 400 bus lines in Chengdu with nearly 12,000 buses in total. In addition, Chengdu BRT offers services on the Second Ring Road Elevated Road.

Contact: 0086-028-85076868


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