【Summit Senior Figures Interview】Interview with Zheng Dan, Assistant President of CAISSA Travel Management: The Culture of A City Is a Major Element That Attracts Visitors.

Publish Time:2016-11-07 10:57:47Source:WTCF

【Introduction】:During the Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit, Zheng Dan, Assistant President of CAISSA Travel Management, was interviewed by the media.

During the Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit, Zheng Dan, Assistant President of CAISSA Travel Management, was interviewed by the media. She said, “The growth rate of China outbound travel in 2015 was about ten percent. This year the growth rate has been slowing down. Some statistics indicate that the change of consumer psychology has a big impact on the slow growth rate. In the past, visitors were used to the quick glances of scenic spots, but now they’ve turn to focus more on the experience and service level of a travel product. The more rational the consumers become, the higher requirements they would demand.”

Ms.Zheng Dan thought that a city is the basic element of tourism. Different cities will offer different experiences for visitors. Every single city has its own culture. The key of the city tourism development depends on how to catch up to the highlights of a city. “Take Chongqing as an example. I’ve been to Chongqing once a decade ago. It was quite a different experience compared to this time. There has been significant change in Chongqing; what impresses me most is that Chongqing has equipped itself with more city character. We are looking at a city that exudes its unique charm through packaging by the Chongqing Tourism Bureau.”

Zheng Dan said, “As a traditional travel agent, CAISSA highly values the culture of the city when making a travel product. Instead of combining cities, we are now adding something more historical and culturally apparent in hotel choosing and cuisine arranging during a tour. The culture attached to the travel product is the most important part and it will be helpful in the promotional value of travel products. We also hope that the city members of WTCF could express their travel resources and characters in that way to the tourism industry, thus allowing more consumers to understand the culture of each city.”

When talking about Chongqing, she said, “I think it is a great promotional opportunity for Chongqing City, with the new city theme of ‘Beautiful Landscape Capital · Chongqing’. The River Cruise during the summit and city tour after the summit is quite thoughtful, as well as the cuisine and service. Not only will guests attended summit pay attention to these experience and details but visitors as well. When they go back they will talk to their friends and family about what they think of this city and which experience impressed them the most. We call it ‘Word-of-mouth Marketing’ which will create a remarkable effect.” Zheng Dan thought that an outstanding travel product must contain both classic and new experiences which will continuously catch the attention of consumers.

On the occasion of the five anniversary of the establishment of the WTCF, Zheng Dan told the journalist that it is not the first time she attend Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit. Every year she is looking forward to the summit theme. People attending the summit represent the highest level in the tourism industry. “The WTCF is getting better and better now with a higher visibility and influence in the world. It is a privilege to be the second WTCF council member. We hope to seek more opportunities through the WTCF platform.”

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