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【Introduction】:In order to protect passengers’ rights in a highest degree, Air China actively implements various measures, establishes various mechanisms, and promotes its work orderly.

In order to protect passengers’ rights in a highest degree, Air China actively implements various measures, establishes various mechanisms, and promotes its work orderly. With the steep-increasing in import risks and the intensifying of external defense, Beijing has set the T3-D area of the Capital International Airport as a special area to accept key regional and national inbound flights on March 6. Many civil aviation units in Beijing has shifted from epidemic prevention position to the front line. Air China, as the main based airline of the Capital Airport, is dedicated to safeguard its own national gate.

Source: Air China

1. Build a sturdy dyke

The CNAH immediately held an emergency meeting on the topic of research and deployment on the same day. The ground service party committee responded quickly and effectively took the main responsibility. They set up a safeguard-leading group and a working group immediately, and emergency meetings were held several times to focus on staff arrangements, safeguard plans, and protective measures etc. These contents clarified work responsibilities and task promotion of each department. Meetings were repeatedly held with the Capital Airport to discuss the adjustment of terminal building layout, the design of the guarantee scheme, and the needs for facilities and equipment. Plan for Ground Service Department Beijing Capital International Airport Key Area (International) Arrival Flight Disposal Area Protection was prepared overnight. The ground service spent 3 days in making it. With rigorous attitude and strict standards, they tried their best to implement the D building plan deployment from production organization, passengers service, luggage transportation, to employee protection etc.

Source: Air China

2. Optimize process for building D

T3-D is relatively independent, setting a special area to key flights there can effectively prevent cross-infection of passengers in the airport. With the principle of "shortest distance, minimum contact, and smoothest flow," Air China ground service continuously optimizes the independent operation and passenger service processes of Building D, classifies them area by area, and conducts centralized transferring passengers and their luggage to ensure that they won’t contact others when getting off the plane, entering customs, transiting, even visiting Beijing, and the luggage won’t be mixed. As far as possible, narrowing the scope of the epidemic while ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Source: Air China

3. Provide the most convenient service for passengers

Adhering to the principle of "dedicated area only", "dedicated person only" and "dedicated vehicle only", the pick-up staff should arrive at the designated aircraft in advance and work with the customs to quarantine, divert passengers, guide disembarkation, and record passengers’ information timely (diagnosed passengers, suspected passengers and closely contacted passengers). Coordinators should be arranged to help passengers handle inbound formalities and health declaration; for international inbound transition passengers, service staff would check their information and change the tickets to strengthen information communication among cross-ground agency flights for transition passengers companies. All luggage would be unloaded and transported after disinfection by the airport property department, and a dedicated person would assist passengers in picking up luggage at a designated location, the priority for luggage of the front-line people and preparing to handle the abnormal delivery situation.

Source: Air China

4. Ensure staff security

According to National COVID-19 Prevention Guide, the staff who would enter the D building was given N95 masks, medical disposable protective clothing, disposable gloves, disposable caps, and protective face screens, eye protection and other necessary protective items by Air China ground service timely. And they had special training on removing such things and precautions for regional work. It is strictly forbidden for unnecessary staff to enter this zone, they do their best to reduce the potential risk of infection.

Source: Air China

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