Berlin Future Exhibition Hall, Futurium is opening soon

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【Introduction】:Berlin future exhibition hall(Futurium)will hold the opening ceremony on September 5th. 2019. The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Dorothea Merkel will attend it.

Berlin future exhibition hall(Futurium)will hold the opening ceremony on September 5th. 2019. The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Dorothea Merkel will attend it.

Futurium is located along Spree River, between Berlin train station and Reichstagsgebäude. The shape of the building is avant-garde, and its glass exterior uses optical theory to make the building reflect different effects under different sunshine and light. The entire building is divided into three levels, including the exhibition area, the experimental area and the venue for large events, the useful area is about 800 square meters.

Human· Nature· Technology-Exhibition

Robot, green skyscraper, community economy: the imagination of future contains endless possibilities.

The exhibition < Human· Nature· Technology> in Futurium will demonstrate our visions for the future from different perspectives and discuss and think about it: How will we work and live in the future? How to grasp and actively shape the progress of technological progress? How to manage natural resources sustainably while self-development?

The exhibition will focus on these three “think spaces” of our future relationship with technology, nature and humanity.

Do it yourself- Future laboratory

In future laboratory, visitors can start developing their own models or try out the functions of a 3D printer. They can also try to experiment with the kitchen to see if the insects can be tomorrow's food. There is also a media lab and a workshop for guests to put their ideas into practice. Various well-organized events will also be held in future laboratory.

The architecture- the incantation of human

It trembles, whispers, and shines: When you get close to the cloud-like structure, you give it life. This is the noosphere device that will be exhibited in future laboratory and that can interact with visitors. The word “Noosphere” comes from the concept put forward by Russian scientist, Верна́дский(March, 12th, 1863-January, 6th, 1945). He thought that human circle is the third stage of development of the earth after the geological circle and biological circle.

The human circle device is a complex collection, with a fusion of mystery and aesthetics. It has a contradiction that is both attractive and unfamiliar, like a foreign object.

There is a sensible entity in the human circle device: is it scared? Will you feel happy or nervous? Visitors can interact emotionally with them, and it will continue to self-learn and modify itself in the interaction, so visitors will get different experiences every time they visit.

The time schedule of important activities:

September 5th 19:00-23:45 Opening ceremony

September 6th -8th 10:00-18:00 Weekend celebration

September 12th 17:00-20:00 Opening night of future laboratory

September 14th- 15th Opening day of future laboratory

Participate in the events above for free.

It is expected that Futurium will be free to visit from the date of opening to the end of 2022. Places for large events in the museum can also be rented out.

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