Scandlines Rostock - Gedser Route Welcomes Hybrid Vessels

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【Introduction】:Scandlines Ferries’ M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen are both the world’s largest hybrid vessels and they are now running on the Rostock - Gedser route. They can hold 1,300 passengers and 460 cars respectively.

Scandlines Ferries’ M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen are both the world’s largest hybrid vessels and they are now running on the Rostock - Gedser route. They can hold 1,300 passengers and 460 cars respectively.

Modern and Dazzling Appearance

If you choose to travel on the Rostock - Gedser route by the two modern cruises, the various function areas and exquisite interior decoration will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Bigger Space and More Sailings

Every time, the cruise can hold 460 cars at most. So you don’t need to worry about no ticket. From early morning to deep night, a cruise will set off on the Rostock - Gedser route every 2 hours.

Environmental Friendliness

Scandlines is always an ambitious environmental protectionist. These 2 cruises are currently the world’s largest hybrid vessels powered by diesel and battery.

Facilities on the Boat

The interior decoration is quite focused on details and the inspiration for design comes from nature and fields. The independent and spacious rooms create good environment for watching the beautiful seascape. The passengers are so focused on the scenery that they will reach the destination without their knowledge.

1.Scandlines Buffet

Enjoy the buffet while watching the scenery! The breakfast buffet offers freshly toasted bread, fresh fruits, bacon and fried eggs. You can watch the nice waterscape while enjoying the delicious breakfast. For lunch and supper, you can eat plentiful cold and hot dishes, healthy salad and yummy desserts.


For guests who have just had desserts, foodXpress provides delicious lunch and supper made of fresh ingredients. You can have all kinds of delicious food and drinks here including sausages, fresh sandwiches and coffee.

3.Duty-Free Shops on the Boat

Duty-free shops on the boat are spacious, bright and quite modern, and they cover 400 square meters at most. Here, you can buy perfume, face cream, chocolate, red wine, toys, tobacco and magazines. Perfume here can even be 25% cheaper than that on the land.

4.Entertainment Area

The entertainment area is simply an ideal place for having great fun with children. Children can not only watch cartoons but also play on the slide or sea rover. Before returning to the car, children can have great fun playing games while parents can relax themselves by the side. Sure enough, they can also play together!


In Goodtogo, you can find everything you need for the next journey: takeaway coffee, magazines, books, candies and delicious desserts. You can make full preparation for the next tour here.


BerlinXpresso is located on the upper deck of the cruise. You can buy a cup of coffee and a sandwich and then lie on the deck, enjoying the warm sunshine and fresh sea breezes.

7.Scandlines Lounge

You can choose to work or have fun in the Scandlines lounge. The lounge has bright light and modern decoration, hence a good place for working attentively. You can also eat desserts, drink coffee and watch news here. In addition to watching news, you can also read newspapers on the shelves. Here, you can also charge your phones and PCs. If you and your colleagues want to have a meeting on the boat, the lounge is surely an ideal place. You can use the lounge right after paying at the counter. Wish you a nice journey on the cruise.

8.Sunshine Deck

Start your vacation on our spacious sunshine deck!

You can watch the beautiful seascape and listen to the cries of seagulls. Here, you can have a good mood brought by the sea and forget about all the worries.

Scandlines Ferries

Scandlines Ferries was established in 1998 and it is one of the biggest shipping companies in Europe. The 3 high-frequency routes link Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Scandlines provides reliable cruise services for customers. There are already over 43,000 sailings for the current 8 cruises. As of 2018, Scandlines had already shipped on the Puttgarden-Rødby and Rostock-Gedser routes 7.4 million passengers, 1.8 million cars, over 700,000 shipping units and 36,000 buses.

The Puttgarden - Rodby Route

The Puttgarden - Rodby route links Germany with Denmark and costs about 45 minutes.

The Rostock - Gedser Route

It takes you just 2 hours to reach the north by the Rostock - Gedser route.

Heading for Sweden

It takes you just 20 minutes to go from Helsingor to Helsingborg in Sweden.

Scandlines sincerely hopes that the two modern cruises will make your journey quite interesting and that you will have a fantastic experience on the sea!

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