Giant cat visits Vienna, The Vienna Tourist Board is inviting you to visit the city of music

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【Introduction】:What happens to Vienna when there are no tourists in the music capital?

What happens to Vienna when there are no tourists in the music capital? A giant cat has taken over the city as the subject of a recent social media campaign by the Vienna tourism board to create a fun virtual experience of Vienna.

Like most cities, Vienna, the music capital, is much quieter than usual as the new pandemic sweeps the globe. Mietzi, a 19-metre-tall cat from the Vienna forest, has been spotted on the streets of Vienna. Stories of the giant cat have long circulated in Vienna, where it was last seen 30 years ago before disappearing into the forest. Locals believe that the more bustling the city, the further away the giant cat will hide. While most Viennese stay indoors, the giant cat has finally summoned up the courage to return to the city and enjoy the beauty of Vienna. It is comfortably stretched by the castle theatre, basking in the sun on the roof of the university of Vienna, enjoying the city through the roof of the natural history museum, and enjoying the flowers on the grass in the people's park. The world museum, which houses folk art and handicrafts from around the world, and the Austrian national museum of fine arts, the beautysee palace, are also popular with cats, as is the Kohlmarkt shopping street in front of the hofburg palace.

Castle theatre

University of Vienna

World museum

Natural history museum




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The giant cat is the virtual protagonist of a recent global social media campaign launched by the Vienna tourism authority. Affected by the outbreak, people who work from home and have limited social activities are looking for ways to relax. The campaign encourages people to interact with giant cats online, travel around Vienna and enjoy the beauty of the city. The campaign has been well received on social media in foreign countries, with more than 100,000 followers in Austria, Italy, the United States, Germany and Russia. On April 24, the cute cat campaign came to China and launched the weibo and WeChat platforms of the Vienna tourism board, inviting Chinese fans to travel around Vienna with their pets. The music capital of the world, Vienna has been rated the world's most livable city by mercer for 10 consecutive years. More than 7.5 million tourists visited Vienna in 2019, 280,000 of them Chinese.

Ms Vienna tourism media relations manager Verena Hable said: "we want to borrow from the social media activity and people all like Vienna, and tourists visit Vienna visited or future plans to keep in touch, in the special period for them to provide online interaction and pastime, inspire their long-term vision for the next trip to Vienna cheng. This is one of many initiatives we have taken to provide a virtual experience of traveling around Vienna, even though the visitors are thousands of miles away from the city. At the same time, we are actively preparing for the resumption of tourism in Vienna, which awaits your arrival.”

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