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Regalia Resort & Spa (Tangshan, Nanjing)

Updated: 2014-07-08 / (nju.gov.cn)

With a longhistory, Tangshan is a famous hot spring resort in Nanjing. It enjoys a favorable location and can go there by Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway.

Near hills and lakes, it has a wonderful environment, and the green trees, fresh air and clear water make it an ideal resort.

Located in Tangshan Town, Regalia Resort & Spa (Tangshan, Nanjing) is abundant with hot springs. There are 100 guest rooms, including 65 standard rooms and suites, 11 holiday villas, and 24 suites in townhouses.

Most of the guest rooms have independent hot spring pools. Regalia Resort & Spa shapes an experience of leisure time and deluxe enjoyment. Regalia Resort & Spa (Tangshan, Nanjing) would be the best choice for both business man and tourists, catering to various needs, from conferences, and business events to family vacations.

Apart from its focus on hotel functions, Regalia Resort & Spa (Tangshan, Nanjing) also makes full use of its unique location and wonderful environment to provide an experience of pastoral life and sports in hills, which will get you close to nature. Added to that are dining, recreation, exercises in hills, Spa, swimming, horse-riding, and fruit-picking as well as water sports in the summer. By doing so, it is devoted to offering pleasant scenery and a relaxing environment for the guests.

Delicate food is another feature of the Regalia Resort & Spa (Tangshan, Nanjing). You can enjoy Chinese, Western and authentic Thai food here, as well as cuisines made of fresh organic vegetables which just picked from the yard.

Regalia Resort & Spa (Tangshan, Nanjing) will offer you high quality services.

Tel: 025-87131188

Fax: 025-87131199 Booking Hotline: 400-115-3388

Web: www.regalia.com.cn


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