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Heavenly Lake Villa

Updated: 2014-07-08 / (wtcf.travel)

Location: Heavenly Lake Villa, Yaxi Town, Gaochun county

Telephone Number: 57843968

Ticket: Free Opening

Time: Whole day

The “Ecological Tour” scenery belt of Yaxi is located at the eastern foot of the Wanderer Mountain in Gaochun county. Being a national AA tourist attraction and a national agricultural tourism demonstration site, this area is an integration of leisure and vacation, entertainment, ecology and humanity.

From the Heavenly Lake to Jing Mountain, a number of mountains pass bend around 18 peaks. The mountains are surrounded by beautiful lakes. This is a tour to experience the primitive beauty of nature.

The “Ecological Tour” includes visiting the largest “Bamboo Sea of Jing Mountain” in Nanjing. The mountains are covered by hundreds of mu of tea plantations. There are many organic ecological demonstration sites of phyllostachys propinquas, Heavenly Lake melon seeds, greenhouse grapes, medicinal materials and fruit.

Man-made landscapes, like the Bianhe Wang Yu (like a person gazing at jade), relics of the South City, the huge road for officials built by Liu Bowen, the World Theatre, Tongluo Well, Yongqing Old Temple and so on, have demonstrated China’s solid dragon-phoenix culture and its profound regional customs. Additionally, they reveal the rich tourism resources of Yaxi area. This is alsoa journey of traditional cultures.

Best season tovisit: spring and autumn

Address: Yaxi Town, Gaochun county

Telephone: 025-57843968


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