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Nanjing Jiangnan Theatre

Updated: 2014-07-08 / (wtcf.travel)


Nanjing Jiangnan Theater used to be an experimental theater established in 1982 for the Wuxi Opera Troupe of the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group. In celebration of the 6th China Arts Festival, it was transformed in August, 2000 after a renovation project began in April, 1999, making it one of the main performing venues for the Festival in Nanjing.

It is now a complex theater withstudio, cinema and conference hall together. It has a proscenium of 7.5 meters high, 14 meters wide and a stage depth of 15 meters. In the backstage area are dressing rooms and costume rooms, simple but practical. The theater also has advanced equipment and facilities with multiple functions, including two power transformers, 400KVA and 500KVA respectively; a set of lighting equipment with 180 control loops; 32-channel audio control facilities; 32 sets of electrically-operated booms; IFB and intercom; computer subtitling systems; central air-conditioning systems; and fire-fighting systems.

Tastefully decorated, the theater presents a unique style of simplicity and neatness, giving people a sense of modernity. The lobby is both spacious and elegant, and the 631-seat auditorium is comfortable and refreshing. There are also luxurious VIP rooms and spectators’ lounges in the north and south of the theater. Fifty-people capacity sauna bathrooms for men and women are also available. Outside the theater there is a 400 square-metre space for recreation and parking.

The theater is located at the intersection of Yanlin Lane and Hubu Street in downtown Baixia district, bordering Taipingnan Road Business Street to the east and Hongwu Road Financial Street to the west, with convenient transportation serving a large passenger flow – all of which make it an ideal venue for cultural activities.



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