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Milano Official Products

Updated: 2014-07-18 / (tourism.milan.it)

buone vacanze

The line of products from the city of Milan it's now available, a new and exclusive line of objects sporting the city brand. From bags to cups, from umbrellas to t-shirts, from sweatshirts to shoppers, all the products are of a high standard of quality and particular attention has been paid to the graphic and design input and the innovative features of the materials used.

Milano Official Store

It is possible to buy the products in the sales points in the city and online.

Choose and purchase now on the online store!

Milano Official Store

Sales points in Milan

- Milano Official Store, Piazza San Babila

- Amedeo D.,www.amedeod.it, Corso Vercelli, 23

- F.M. Motor Via Rismondo, 119 (zona Baggio)

- Libreria Concessionaria I.P.Z.S., Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 15

- Rossignoli Bici/Moto www.rossignoli.it, Corso Garibaldi, 7

- Cicli Esposito, Via Marco D'Agrate, 23

- Non Solo Bici, Via Teodosio, 64

- Vara, Viale Tunisia, 15

- Leon, Via Mugello, 7

- Martin Luciano, Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 58

- Golden Bike, Via Oropa, 5

- Cartoleria Gambardella, Viale Monza, 61A

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