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Updated: 2014-07-30 / (minsktravelguide.com)

[Photo from minsktravelguide.com]

[Photo from minsktravelguide.com]

Balett and opera

Minsk offers good opportunities to watch balet and opera performances of a very high standards. Tickets are cheap and can be bough either at the theatre holding the performance or at one of Minsk’s ticket offices.

Some Addressess:

Palace of the republicOktjabyrskaja Plozjad 1, 222-92-20

National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Ploshad Parizhkoj Kommuni 1. Phone: 334-10-41, Metro: Nemiga.

Belarusian State Philharmonic, Prospekt Nezavisimosti 50. Phone: Tel 282-32-02, Metro: Metro Jakuba Kolasa,

Tsentralnaya Teatralnaya kassa (ticket office), Prospekt Nezavisimosti 13

Teatralnaya kassa (ticket office), Prospekt Nezavisimosti 44


Belarusskij Gosudarstvennij Tsirk(Belarusian State Circus)

If bringing kids to Minsk one has to visit the circus. If going without kids one should consider borrowing someone else’s kids as an excuse to visit the circus. Tickets should however be bought in advance.

Address:Prospekt Nezavisimosti 32




The most import thing to point out about Minsk cinemas are that most films will be dubbed into Russian language (with a few exceptions). Cinema theatres in Minsk are usually small and most of them has just one auditorium but there are also some with two or multiple auditoriums. Some of the cinemas shows movies in 3D. To find out what is on the screen one may check the daily paper Komsomolskaya Pravda or through the SMS service of Velcom if one has a Velcom subscription or just check out the www.kino.br.by or www.kinopark.by. Cinema tickets usually are from 8000-30000 BYR (February 2011).


Artkinoteatr Rubin Plaza, Pr. Dzerzjinskogo 5. Phone: 226-77-49

Avrora, Ulitsa Prityskogo 23, Metro: Pushkinskaya, Phone: 253-33-60, 253-98-05

Belarus, Romanovskaja Sloboda, Metro: Frunzenskaja, Phone: 209-40-34

Berestje, Prospekt Gazety Pravda 25, Phone: 272-87-91

Dom Kino, Ulitsa Tolbuhina 18, Metro: Park Tjelioskinetsev, Phone: 280-35-26

Druzhba, Tashkentskaja 9, Phone: 240-90-13

Mir, Ulitsa Kozlova 4A, Metro: Ploshsjad Pobedi, Phone: 284-37-71

Moskva, Prospekt Pobeditelej 13, Metro: Nemniga, Phone: 203-14-48

Pobeda, Ulitsa Internatsionaljnaja 20, Metro: Oktjabrjskaja, Phone: 203-77-66

Tsentralnij, Prospekt Nezavisimosti 13, Metro: Plosjshad Lenina, Phone: 200-34-16

Oktyabr, Prospekt Nezavisimosti 73, Metro: Akademija Nauk, Phone: 292-93-25, 292-94-26

Pioner, Ulitsa Engelsa 20, Metro: Oktyaborskaya/Kupolovskaya, Phone: 227-89-45


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