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About Minsk

Updated: 2014-07-30 / (minsktravelguide.com)





City Introduction

Minsk is the capital and the political, economic and cultural center of Belarus. In the downtown area, there is the only subway system in Belarus. When you walk in the downtown area, your eyes will be full of the churches, with various diametrically different styles, such as Baroque style and Roman style. You may stroll on the river bank and street, experiencing this ancient historical city.





History and Culture

The earliest historical references to Minsk date to the 11th century (1067) In the 14th century, it became a part of Lithuania, and then of Poland. In 1793, it was conquered by Russia. It is always the trade center connecting the coastal cities along the Baltic Sea with Moscow and Kazan. The literal meaning of its name is “town of trading”.





Climate Change

Though Minsk is in the high latitude, it is not so cold as imagined by the people in the winter. The average temperature in January is about 5°C. It is not hot in the summer, the average temperature in July is 18°C, and the annual precipitation is 500-700mm.

Information of Embassy and Consulate

China Embassy in the Republic of Belarus


Post code: 220071

Country/Region Code: 00375-17

Office: 2849728

On-duty: Tel./2853682 Fax/2853681

Website: http://by.china-embassy.org http://by.chineseembassy.org

Email: chinaemb_by@mfa.gov.cn

Culture Office Tel./Fax: 2946667

Science and Technology Office Tel./Fax: 2947759

Education Office Tel./Fax: 3286396

Concierge Office Tel./Fax: 2853683

Commerce Office: Tel./2202925 Fax/2105841





Visa Information

Embassy of Belarus in China recently met with Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, informing that the types of visa would be adjusted from January 1, 2010. After the adjustment, the types of visa are

Type B transit visa: Validity period of one year, including one transit, two transits or multiple transits, with the longest stay time of 48 hours.

Type C short-term visa: Validity period of 3 months, including one entry, two entries or multiple entries, with the longest stay time of 90 days.

Type D long-term visa: It is the multiple-entry visa in one year, with the longest stay time of 90 days.

The personnel going to study and work in Belarus may hold the short-term visa for entry, and then apply for the residence permit to the local authorities.


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