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Accommodation in Minsk

Updated: 2014-07-30 / (minsktravelguide.com)

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There is no problem to find a hotel in Minsk on most budgets. If booking tickets to Minsk through an agency it may be convient to let them book the hotel as well. Below is a list of some of the Minsk hotels.

A list of some Minsk hotels:

Minsk Pr. Nezavisimosti 11. Phone: 209-90-77

Belarus, Ul. Storozhevskaja 15. Metro: Nemiga. Phone: 209-76-92

Yubileynaya Prospekt Pobedi. Phone 19. Phone: 226-90-24

Planeta Prospekt PobediPhoneej 31. Phone: 203-85-87

Oktobyrskaya, Engels 13. Phone: 222-32-89

Orbita Prospekt Pusjkina 39. Metro: Pushkinskaja. Phone: 206 77 81

Tourist Partizanskj Pr. 81. Metro: Partizanskaja Phone: 295-40-31


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