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Longding Mountain Villa

Updated: 2014-09-10 / (gotohz.com)

Level: Address: Nanjin (Anle) Village, Xindeng, Fuyang

Postcode: 311400

Tel.: 0571-6329-6777, 133-8653-0881

Fax: None

Booking: http://xnc.zjnm.cn/zdxx/index.jsp?zdid=24461

Cards: Accepted

Rooms: 10

When the bamboo shoots in the bamboo garden at Longding Mountain Villa appear in the spring, you can pick them yourself with a tool we provide for you. When you’ve gathered enough, the cook can then serve them along with herbs, such as wild pteridium and kalimeris. Or you can take them home. In addition, there are flowers, including orchids, pear, and michelia figo that might make you feel as if you’re in an idyllic spot of charm and beauty.

In summer, when the trees are full of leaves, the Villa is a resort with glowing fruits hanging down, and sweet, thirst-quenching Shanxi watermelons that are rarely seen in cities on the ground. At the foot of the mountain, the deep blue lake is a good place to fish or swim and, at night you can have some tea and enjoy nature from the balcony, for a really pleasing experience.

In autumn, yellow leaves cover the Villa area and, walking through the thick forest, and listening to the crunch under your feet and watching the sparrows fly about, you will be astonished by nature.

In winter, Longding Mountain Villa is a white palace, a snow sight, with water flowing beneath the ice and the sandy road snow-covered. In the deep night you feel the heavy snow and hear the bamboo cracking, but very quiet.

With all that, you can have a good sleep in the elegant, tidy room we’ve prepared for you, to make you feel at home. Or you can also play mahjong or poker with friends, or watch TV or surf the Internet.

And, this veritable heaven on earth is only about 120 yuan.

So, let us welcome to fantastic Longding Mountain Villa.

Driving: Take the highway along the river from Hangzhou or national Highway 320 to the city of Fuyang, then take provincial Highway 23 to the town of Xindeng, and finally, through Nanjin to the village of Anle.

Other transportation: Go to the town of Xindeng from Fuyang, then to Anle village via Nanjin.



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