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Park of Culture and Recreation

Updated: 2015-03-19 / (minsktravelguide.com)

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Park of Culture and Recreation named after Chelyuskintsev was founded in 1928. It was opened in May 1932, as the Central Park of Culture and Recreation. Chelyuskinitsy's name was given in 1934 in honor of the participants of the expedition on the ship "Chelyuskin".

Previously located on the place of the forest, called "Komorowski forest", it was so initially encountered the name "Komorowski park."

The park covers 78 hectares (56 ha when it was founded). Rides, summer stage, dance floor, go-cart track are located in the park. In 1952 a summer cinema "Rainbow" was opened there.

In the north-eastern part of the park, there is the common grave of Soviet soldiers, partisans and civilians killed by the Nazi invaders in 1941-1944. In 1955 markers for the graves and a monument were established.

Children's Railway and Botanical Garden are directly adjacent to the park. Also metro station Park Chelyuskintsev is located near it.


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