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Updated: 2015-04-02 / By Silvia Giannelli

The beautiful facade of the cathedral reveals itself in grand spectacle as you ascend the stairs of the exit of the metropolitana (subway). From its 108 metre post, the gilded statue of the Madonnina stands out, along with the pinnacles, the stained glass, the windows and finally the grand doors. The final stair as you exit brings into view the piazza and will leave you breathless.

You stop to admire, but not for too long because the real surprise is the decorations along the sides of the cathedral and the coloured stained-glass windows of the apse. Be sure to take a stroll around.

Its construction began in 1386 on the area where the basilicas Santa Tecla and Santa Maria Maggiore stood and later became “encompassed” in the new cathedral.

Architects, sculptors, artists and thousands of specialized workers became involved in the Fabbrica del Duomo (the construction of the cathedral) which, it can easily be said, has never stopped operating. Even today, in fact, work still continues on this extraordinary piece that is the symbol and heart of the city.

Last but not least, allow for a separate visit to the rooftop where the scenery is altogether different, but at the same time, breathtaking. The entrance to the lift, or to the stairs for the sporty types, is located on the side closest to the department store La Rinascente.

Once at the top, silence dominates, almost obliged by the spectacle that presents itself. All around you is the view of the whole of Milan and the magnificent pavement of Piazza del Duomo below assumes a whole different appearance.


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