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EXPO in the city

Updated: 2015-04-02 / By Silvia Giannelli

Expo in the city - the major exhibitions to be held in 2015

Throughout 2015 the municipality of Milan will sponsor a major artistic and cultural exhibition programme that constitutes the core of the Art agenda for “Expo in Città 2015.”

The exhibitions' features span an extensive timeline from ancient art to contemporary works with the aim of offering visitors to Expo the works and experiences of the greatest Italian artists who have shaped the history of art -Giotto, Leonardo, Medardo Rosso, Raffaello and Hayez, plus a panorama of the most innovative global movements - Jing Shen, Growing roots and Don’t shoot the painter - the best of historical and contemporary Italian research - Food and Spinosaurus - the many possible conjugations that the languages of art offer on the theme of Expo: nutrition, nature, the encounter between cultures, the future of life on our planet - La grande madre, Mondi a Milano, Africa. In addition to exhibitions held in the municipal venues (Palazzo Reale, PAC, Palazzo della Ragione) and in the municipal museums (Castello Sforzesco, Museo del Novecento, GAM, Palazzo Morando, Palazzo Moriggia, Museo di Storia Naturale).

The programme presented today includes exhibitions that the Pinacoteca di Brera - the most important institution of public art in the city - dedicates to two of the icons of the Expo in the city: the Kiss by Hayez and the Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael.


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