2019 Reeperbahn Festival/The Music Soul of Hamburg Is Burning

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【Introduction】:For musicians, it was a platform for showing their talents. This summer, grassroots bands and music producers including Ouyang Nana, the Hedgehog and the New Pants presented great shows and attracted a large number of new fans.

This summer, one of the hottest shows must be iQIYI’s “Bands’ Summer”. For independent music fans, it was simply a blessing! For musicians, it was a platform for showing their talents. This summer, grassroots bands and music producers including Ouyang Nana, the Hedgehog and the New Pants presented great shows and attracted a large number of new fans! In September, Hamburg also provided a music feast for music fans to enjoy themselves!

During the Festival, the future stars of music put on performances in music clubs of St. Pauli. Moreover, the public held discussions on the future of the music industry here since Hamburg is the European center for music. The international performers were musicians of nearly 425 bands, including: Sleaford Mods, Foals, Dean Lewis, Dope Lemon, Feist, Efterklang, the Subways oder Anna Ternheim and das Kaiser Quartett. Music fans from all parts of the world came together to explore the legendary St. Pauli and over 90 places of performance around here.

The Festival was composed of hundreds of concerts, a dozen of group discussions, speeches, multimedia and multicultural events. It was a collection of not only positive music events but also social reforms. Some global premieres, competitions and awarding ceremonies were also presented, including Reeperbahn International Music Festival Anchor Award and International Outstanding Music News Award IMJA. Discussions were held on current problems in order to find appropriate solutions. The Keychange Plan funded by the EU has done great help to the Festival in the past 2 years. In order to highlight the unique charm of women in music, the Festival and Keychange will together continue to carry out reforms and facilitate the development of the music industry in 2019.

2019 Reeperbahn Festival--Europe’s Biggest Club Music Festival

The uniqueness of the Festival was that it integrated conferences on the future, large-scale media events and all age groups. Year after year, the legendary St. Pauli attracts a large number of music lovers from around the world. Professional viewers and musicians stayed together here for 4 days. This year, from September 18th to September 21st, over 600 concerts were held at 90 sites and attracted 50,000 viewers. The concert sites included the famous night life area of Hamburg, Reeperbahn, churches, galleries and numerous live clubs around disc stores, such as the Elbe Philharmonic Hall and the Hamburg Planetarium, which was first selected as a concert venue. Ólafur Arnald premiered Ekki Hugsa 360°at the planetarium.

Among the 425 bands and musicians, 8 promising musicians or bands vied for the Reeperbahn International Music Festival Anchor Award. One of the competitors was a Chinese band Miss Hormone.

There were outstanding judges like the popular artists Kate Nash and Peaches, 2 legendary figures Tony Visconti and Beatsteaks, the singer Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß and the radio anchorman and reporter Zan Rowe. The Festival had the primary focus on Australia, showing the new music works of the Down Under style. In addition to concerts, there were also a series of programs related to art, films and literature. The conferences were targeted at professional viewers in music and creative digital economy. Moreover, there were also seminars, case presentations, social activities and awarding ceremonies.

The Voice of Hamburg--The Brand New Music Documentary VYNL HAMBURG

The Festival covered a great many music categories of the music metropolis of Hamburg: from classical music to electronic music, from music history to lively music scenes, from music operas to outdoor concerts. In the Hanseatic City, the unique venues with a long history and various voices created a fantastic music experience. This year, the Festival cooperated with the new music documentary VYNL Hamburg to make the voice of Hamburg. The documentary will be played on TV and the Internet around the globe.

More information at www.hamburg-tourismus.de/vynl

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