Forums Held During the Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2013

Publish Time:2013-10-08

【Introduction】:The WTCF Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2013 held the Urban Tourism Forum, CA Service Forum, Tourism Service Forum and Parallel Workshop of Media Organization.

——Member Representatives, Experts and Corporate Representatives to Discuss the Development of Global Tourism Together

On the morning of September 13, 2013, the WTCF Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2013 held the Urban Tourism Forum, CA Service Forum, Tourism Service Forum and Parallel Workshop of Media Organization, where member representatives, experts and corporate representatives assembled to discuss the development of global tourism.

At the Urban Tourism Forum, city member representatives, corporate guests and experts made in-depth discussions on “The Harmonious Development of Urbanization and Tourism”, “Scientific Travel Plans and High-Quality Tourism Service Push Forward the Development of Tourism Cities”, “Cooperation between Tourism Cities Promotes Competitions in Tourism” and “To Create New City Tourism Development Models and Expand Social Efficiency” on the basis of new powers of cities’ sustainable development. The CA Service Forum, Tourism Service Forum and Media Service Forum separately held discussions on “What Can Cities Do to Better Support the Development of Air Travel: Best Practices and Sharing”, “Challenges and New Opportunities of the Sustainable Development of Tourism” and “Tourism Cities Marketing and Promoting”.

The main feature of the forum this year is that the attending city representatives no longer limited themselves to exhibiting their advantaged tourism resources because they are more concerned with the current conditions and development trend of the international tourism market. All representatives expressed their desires to cooperate closely with other cities, corporations and media to realize resources co-sharing, mutual improvement and development and the development of global tourism with the help of the WTCF.

Representatives said that the foundation and development of the WTCF helps bring about a new situation. Although it was established merely one year ago, it has earned supports from many countries around the world, which shows that it has reached a worldwide consensus to push together tourism development.

China’s representative held that internationalized China tourism is a new perspective. A new platform is also a necessity for China to develop tourism. We should redefine the development of China tourism, carry out research on the functions of the development of China Tourism in promoting global tourism and study how the development of global tourism pushes forward the China tourism market.

Corporate representatives believed that tourism companies can also contribute greatly to the development of cities’ sustainable development, with the prerequisite being that tourism companies must adjust, enrich and develop themselves based on the new changes of the development of global tourism and new demands of customers.

Media representatives made brief introductions to some successful cases of self-marketing and promoting tourism cities and shared their experience of cooperating with tourism cities, which reminded representatives that media marketing plays an indispensable role in the development of tourism cities.

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