Report on the Procedure of Visiting Member Cities and Achievements

Publish Time:2013-05-27

【Introduction】:The President of the WTCF Council and Mayor of Beijing, Mr. Wang Anshun, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Eliasson, China’s UN Ambassador Mr. Li Dongbao and the UN ambassadors from other countries as well as relevant media participated in and visit

May 8, 2013

The President of the WTCF Council and Mayor of Beijing, Mr. Wang Anshun, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Eliasson, China’s UN Ambassador Mr. Li Dongbao and the UN ambassadors from other countries as well as relevant media participated in and visited the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition for Beijing Tourism which is organized by the UN headquarters.

Mr. Wang Anshun introduced some of the famous places of interest such as the Palace Museum to Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Eliasson, and invited guests. Mr. Eliasson took a careful look at those photos and expressed how beautiful Beijing is in his eyes. The UN ambassadors from other countries also showed their strong interest in these photos.

The UN diplomat from Malawi mentioned in the press interview that she was happy to see the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between Malawi and China. She also expressed that China is a great country. The photo exhibition has been reported by media and magazines throughout the world and exerts a worldwide influence.

Afternoon of May 8, 2013

Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, had a meeting with President of the WTCF Council and Mayor of Beijing, Mr. Wang Anshun, where he expressed his congratulations on the establishment of the WTCF by Beijing, China and was glad to see his hometown Seoul as one of the organizers.

Ban Ki-moon spoke highly of the WTCF. He thinks that the WTCF can contribute much to the promotion of people from various countries getting to know the local culture, tradition and art as well as developing long term communication. Ban pointed out that the WTCF is devoted to sustainable tourism development, sustainable organization development and sustainable city development during the process of promoting city tourism development, which is also what the UN considers to be most important. He hoped there would be a close cooperation between the WTCF and the UN, especially the ECOSOC to realize a sustainable development of the city and even the world. At the meeting, Ban also expected the WTCF to be able to reach its expected development goal and contribute to promote sustainable city development and understandings as well as communication and exchange among people.

Representatives shall be assigned by Ban Ki-moon to participate in the WTCF Council, which is also called the Second Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit.

Evening of May 8, 2013, Round Table Meeting

Mr. Eliasson, Deputy Secretary of the UN, expressed his strong agreement with the international organizing status, development purpose and core ideology. He addressed that the government, tourism and common people should work together to promote the sustainable development of tourism, make sure to share the achievement of city and tourism sustainable development in a wide and equal way, protect the eco-system and lay a foundation for city growth and tourism development.

All guests who participated are all UN ambassadors from 19 countries while 7 ambassadors made a speech about the support and acceptance of the meeting.

Mr. Masood Khan, UN ambassador of Pakistan, said that there is a long-term friendship between Pakistan and China. Beijing is not only an ancient modern metropolis but also a hot destination for travel. He hopes that Pakistan and China can learn from each other. Mr. Belganem Ajmova, UN ambassador from the Republic of Kazakhstan, agreed that the WTCF is a good example to strengthen and promote sustainable city development. He hopes to strengthen the relationship with each other and learn from each other to boost the world exposition to be hosted in Kazakhstan in 2017. Mr. Dysla Per Kaya, UN ambassador of Indonesia, thought that it is a good start for the WTCF to solve the development issues by holding the roundtable meeting. Mr. Ashok Mumar Mukherjee, UN ambassador of India, expressed congratulations of the round-table meeting by the WTCF and spoke highly of Beijing as a modern city with rich historical resources.

He put forward to promote sustainable city development by jointly working to develop green travel. Miss Maria Christina Percival, UN ambassador from Argentina, regarded Beijing as a promising city and that the roundtable meeting is a very good way to solve the development issues. Mr. Kasaba Kross, UN ambassador from Hungary, showed his respect to the WTCF as it considers sustainable city development to be its duty and is a new international organization to establish a harmonious relationship. He wishes that the WTCF can develop prosperously and work together with Hungary to face challenges and solve problems. Mr. Jean Francis Xin Su, UN ambassador of The Republic of Benin, believes Beijing is a city with hope and is leading the development trend of the world. He also expressed his wish to cooperate.

The WTCF succeeded in holding the contract signing ceremony, also named the roundtable meeting for the sustainable city development and tourism. UN Secretary General Mr. Lu Yong, together with some other officials was invited to New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Ottawa from May 9 to 12, and communicated effectively with them on issues about joining the WTCF.

Morning of May 9, 2013, New York

Chief Executive Officer of the tourism development bureau of New York City, Jorge Fathi, said that although they have never joined in any international tourism organization, he showed a strong interest in the foundation of the WTCF by Beijing. He said that they will start relevant procedures to join the WTCF and will at least send an observer to participate in the summit to be held in Beijing. The delegation had a meeting with senators of New Jersey and other cities and shared their ideas mutually at noon on May 9.

Morning of May 10, 2013, Philadelphia

The Mexican associate of the Philadelphia mayor’s office and immigration officer expressed his expectations to get in touch with Mexico and hopes Mexico will join the WTCF.

Afternoon of May 10, 2013, Washington, D.C.

Principal of business strategic cooperation of Washington, D.C. David mentioned that they’ve decided to join the WTCF and the Washington Delegation will visit Beijing and sign the Session Initiation Protocol in June.

May 11, 2013, Ottawa

Ottawa is one of the earliest cities to join the WTCF, and Deputy Stephen said that it was a pity for not being able to participate in the founding conference of the WTCF in Beijing in September 2012 when his twin children were born. He said he will participate in the second summit in Beijing later this year.

Morning of May 14, 2013, Los Angeles

Director of the tourism bureau of Los Angeles, Mr. Ernest Wooden noticed that the WTCF is drafting the standards for world travel cities service and mentioned that he hoped WTCF will make Los Angeles a trial city and send experts to begin field research. As the city receives the most Chinese tourists, Los Angeles is preparing for the activity named China Ready and hopes to attract more Chinese tourists there.

Evening of May 14, 2013, ATI headquarters

The son of CEO Miss Lu Nuyao expressed his warm welcome to Deputy Secretary General Lu Yong and other officials. They had a meeting about ATI exerting an influence on international tourism and recommended international tourism cities and other tourism related organizations to join the WTCF. On May 17, an agreement was reached between Deputy Secretary General Lu Yong and Miss Lu Nuyao on issues mentioned above.

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