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Publish Time:2013-05-27

【Introduction】:On September 7, 2012, the International Tourism Cities Cuisines Collection, which is regarded as an important event for the Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit (foundation meeting for the WTCF) began at the Press Building.

On September 7, 2012, the International Tourism Cities Cuisines Collection, which is regarded as an important event for the Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit (foundation meeting for the WTCF) began at the Press Building. This event is sponsored by the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF for short in the following passages) and supported by the Tourism Development Commission of Beijing, the Business Committee of Beijing, the Municipal Administration Committee and Municipal Health Bureau and co-organized by the Beijing Evening News.

The WTCF is advocated by Beijing and co-initiated by famous tourism cities both home and abroad such as Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, Ottawa and etc. It is a non-profit international non-government organization voluntarily formed by tourism cities from various countries and districts as well as tourism-related organizations. It is the first international tour organization with cities being the main subjects.

The Foundation meeting of the WTCF and the Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit is to be held at the National Convention Center from September 14 to 16. During the convention, the greatness and inclusiveness of the cuisines culture of each tourism city from various countries will be presented and the belief of the WTCF’s ‘Tourism Makes City Life Better" will be made widespread, which is to provide a platform for the international tourism cities to communicate cuisine culture. In the meantime, the profound and massive cuisine culture of Beijing will be publicized to the member representatives of the WTCF, tourists from both home and abroad and citizens of Beijing, recommending them the various international cuisine in Beijing and enjoying the cuisine scene of Beijing’s "all food is available in Beijing".

The International Tourism Cities Cuisines Collection starts on August 27, 2012 and ends on September 15, 2012, lasting 20 days in total. There are mainly three activities at this summit, which are recommendations and evaluations, selections of tourism cuisines and praises and prizes.

To express the cuisine culture of each member city, the committee of this activity selected 130 or so companies to represent and present features of each member city carefully from more than 40,000 restaurants and catering companies. During this session, these companies will launch various activities to promote the featured cuisine and catering culture and recommend theme-oriented classic cuisines as well as main courses to customers. Meanwhile, the committee will establish cuisine features to introduce and promote relative activities to the public and recommend delicious cuisines from various places by means of newspaper, internet and microblog. This activity is not only a collection display and cuisines exhibition of the global different flavors of each place but also a concentrated review of Beijing’s different delicious food.

This activity is mainly divided into five parts:

1. Beijing: mainly focuses on companies and restaurants engaging in Beijing’s traditional old brand cuisine, Beijing flavor (Beijing cuisine belief), imperial cuisine, and feudal cuisines.

2. China: companies and restaurants representing local featured cuisines of China’s tourism cities.

3. Asia: restaurants and companies that represent Asia’s tourism cities’ cuisines.

4. Europe and America: companies and restaurants that represent European and American tourism cities’ cuisines.

5. South America and Africa: restaurants and companies that represent cuisines of South American and African tourism cities.

In the process of this activity, tourists from various places around the world and customers of Beijing can vote for the most favored international tourism cuisines restaurant and top ten popular cuisines of tourism cities at, and

In the opening ceremony, Deputy Mayor of Beijing Mr. Ding Xiangyang participated. The representatives of participated restaurants, companies and media of Beijing also attended the ceremony.

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