Rebuilding World Tourism for Prosperity - the World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development is Coming with Sparkling Highlights

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【Introduction】:World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) will hold the World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development during the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) will hold the World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development during the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). With the theme of "Rebuilding World Tourism for Prosperity", the conference consists of an opening ceremony, keynote speeches, the release of research results, themed forums, the Tourism Investment and Financing Conference and the special online program "Insight of Professionals". With the support of technology, the conference will be presented in Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian. Additionally, it will be broadcasting to the world and the 200-plus member units of WTCF in over 150 cities across 75 countries and regions.

Source: WTCF

Creating a Platform of International Cooperation and Exchanges to Rebuild World Tourism for Prosperity

WTCF organizes the conference in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Co-organizers consist of 10 international organizations and sponsors of top tourism fairs, including Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA), International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF), World Leisure Organization (WLO), World Tourism Alliance (WTA), International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA), International Tourism Exchange Berlin (ITB) and World Travel Market (WTM).

Source: WTCF

During the conference, senior leaders of SCO, UNWTO, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China, WTTC and CTEF will give keynote speeches in different forms. About 300 representatives and special invited guests from WTCF's city members and institutional members, international organizations, foreign institutions in China, press and experts committee will attend the conference onsite. Meanwhile, WTCF's member units across 75 countries and regions, over 150 tourism cities and travel-related companies will attend the meeting online. The conference will be accessible to the world simultaneously through online platforms.

Restoring the Industrial Confidence through Three Forums with Two Studies

In early 2020, COVID-19 outbreak swept through the world. The tourism industry has been hit severely. As the influence trails off, tourism industry urgently needs to restore its confidence, build a consensus and take action together in order to revitalize the market.

At this critical moment, the conference will hold three forums to discuss main areas of concern in global tourism. Themes of the forums are "Tourism as a Catalyst for the Revitalization of the World Economy", "New Normal of Tourism amid COVID-19" and "Reorienting Tourism Investment and Recasting the Industry". Hopefully, exchanges and sharing among all parties of global tourism can revitalize the industry and play a constructive role in reopening and prospering world tourism.

Source: WTCF

In order to provide intellectual support for global tourism professionals to revive the industry, WTCF and relevant institutions have been working on a program together. They have reached two research results, including Action Guide on Recovery and Revitalization of City Tourism amid COVID-19 and Report on Recovery and Development of World Tourism amid COVID-19, which will be released in the conference. The purpose of this research is to explore an innovative mode of urban tourism recovery and revitalization under the impact of COVID-19, as well as provide strategic and trend analyses for global urban tourism recovery.

Establishing a Trading Platform for Investment and Financing to Boost Cooperation and Development of World Industries

The pandemic has not only dealt a heavy blow to world tourism, but also provided a huge opportunity for its recovery after the pandemic. The Tourism Investment and Financing Conference will be held by WTCF during the World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development, drawing global tourism investors to pay greater attention to the new trends emerging at both the demand end and supply end of the industry during post-pandemic era. In addition, it tries to address crucial issues, such as introducing tourism products with rich contents and good customer experience etc. It will guide tourism investors and enable them to take an active role in global tourism recovery and revitalization, injecting energy to the revival of world tourism.

In order to smoothly push on the Tourism Investment and Financing Conference, WTCF has been in contact with multiple parties and managed to promote 21 potential projects with a value of 15.71 billion RMB. Discussions of tourism investment will be held on the site. Nineteen fund companies will have 285 rounds of discussions with 22 representatives of project proponents for further negotiation and cooperation.

Sharing Experience in Types of Business from Multiple Angles with the World both Online and Offline

WTCF will adopt the new mode of online and offline exhibitions for the first time. Conference on the site will be combined with video speeches. Through network signal platforms, real-time broadcast will be accessible to relevant institutions both at home and abroad, including WTCF's member units from 75 countries and regions, supporting units and tourism-related companies.

Source: WTCF

In addition, WTCF will invite representatives from international institutions, tourism professionals and scholars to record a series of videos "Revitalization and Development of the World Tourism Economy after COVID-19 Outbreak" through the special online program "Insight of Professionals". WTCF will also provide a platform for the industry to share experience and exchange opinions in types of business from multiple angles. The series of videos will be broadcasted around the world (including WTCF's member units across 75 countries and regions) during the CIFTIS, providing helpful guidance for global tourism to recover after the pandemic.

The World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development is a crucial meeting which promotes multi-lateral cooperation, prospers global tourism and enhances the influence of the 2020 CIFTIS in the context of COVID-19. It aims to build a platform for global tourism industry to exchange and share opinions. The conference will assess responses, policy implementation and effects during the rapid recovery of global tourism, through which it will provide trend analyses for global tourism to go forward hand in hand, overcome challenges together, and lead the revival and development of world tourism after the pandemic.

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