The coming Action Guide on Recovery and Revitalization Of City Tourism amid COVID-19 directing the recovery and development of city tourism

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【Introduction】:During the conference, the Action Guide on Recovery and Revitalization Of City Tourism amid COVID-19 will be released.

As one of the four forums held during the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), the World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development sponsored by the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) will take place in Beijing on September 5th. The theme of the conference is “Rebuilding World Tourism for Prosperity”. During the conference, the Action Guide on Recovery and Revitalization Of City Tourism amid COVID-19(hereinafter referred to as the Action Guide) will be released to systematically boost the recovery and development of city tourism in the context of the pandemic through accelerating the establishment of an operation mechanism, which adapts to pandemic prevention and control.

Source: WTCF

COVID-19 has brought enormous damage to world tourism. However, the basic motivation, market demand and service system still exist in the wider world. WTCF has confidence in the industry’s rapid recovery after the pandemic. At present, governments, tourism cities, tourism companies and international institutions should brainstorm ideas, build a consensus, cooperate and face challenges together when they are working on overall planning for preventing and controlling the pandemic and reopening tourism during the outbreak.

According to the changes and development of the pandemic around the world, the Action Guide released this time conducts in-depth analyses from eight aspects, such as taking comprehensive measures for pandemic prevention and control among tourism cities, coordinating the orderly resumption of city tourism activities, implementing more proactive and effective incentive policies, enhancing international cooperation on pandemic prevention and tourism recovery, establishing a service platform for pandemic information sharing, reinforcing the relief and rescue system of emergency in tourism cities, promoting innovative models for urban tourism amid COVID-19, and popularizing greener and healthier tourism. The plan guides the recovery and development of city tourism around the world.

WTCF, formed under the initiative of Beijing in 2012, is the world's first international tourism organization focusing on cities. Since its establishment, WTCF has conducted research and released a series of research results to provide intellectual support for the global tourism industry. After years of development and its growing ability of appeal, service, guidance and influence in the tourism industry, WTCF is credited as the fastest-growing international tourism organization in the world.

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