Changchun’s Six Action Plans to Reinvigorate the Cultural and Tourist Market

Publish Time:2020-04-21 17:43:49

【Introduction】:In recent days, Changchun Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau has targetedly proposed 6 action plans for developing the cultural and tourism industry.

In recent days, Changchun Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau has targetedly proposed 6 action plans for developing the cultural and tourism industry: Supporting Cultural and Tourism Enterprises, Improving the Governance System, Increasing Product Supply, Ensuring High Quality, Enhancing the Driving Force, and Marketing and Promotion.

For skiing resorts, ice-and-snow scenic spots and travel agencies which have suffered big losses due to the epidemic, the Bureau has proposed supporting plans, taken 9 policy measures aimed at backing the development of cultural and tourist enterprises, helped the companies reduce their burden by stipulating subsidy standards according to the number of tourists received, implemented the 13 policy measures of Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism designed to support the development of the forementioned enterprises, organized the subsidy application for local companies, led the whole industry in making full use of local and central government preferential policies of tax, finance and human resources, and completed the temporary reimbursement of quality guarantee deposit for travel agencies. So far, the total sum reimbursed has amounted to 45 million yuan.

The Bureau will better supervise the cultural and tourist market and ensure sound resumption of work and production according to the general requirements of the central government during the epidemic. It will provide more cultural and tourist products, enhance entertainment-driven consumption in all perspectives, promote growth in the summer holiday, at night, in the business circle and ice-and-snow activities, and create new business and consumption modes. In addition, it will stimulate mechanism innovation, deepen law enforcement reforms in the cultural market and reforms in the industry management system, enhance the development of industrial organizations, and establish a long-term management mechanism for department monitoring, industrial self-discipline and society supervision.

Moreover, the Bureau will start implementing the 14th Five-Year Plan on Changchuan’s cultural and tourist industries, and compiling the general plan on the development of red tourism, industry tourism and ice-and-snow tourism. Besides, the Bureau will start the “Marketing Campaign in 100 Chinese Cities” in an orderly manner, grasping the golden opportunities offered by Changchun Summer Holiday Art Festival and Changchun Ice and Snow Festival to promote the city’s summer and winter tourist resources for other cities where most tourists come from.

Source: CTNEWS app

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