Come to the Elbe River beach on the edge of Övelgönne in this 40 degrees summer

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【Introduction】:Unlike Chinese, many Germans choose to go out of their homes with the high temperature, go to the beach or go to the pool to enjoy the cool.

The domestic weather is despairing these days, as well in Europe. Germany has broken through 40 degrees at the highest temperature for two days. Many Germans are discouraged from the high air-conditioning installation fees. The German Meteorological Agency measured a high temperature of 40.5 degrees on Wednesday, breaking the highest temperature record in Germany at 40.3 degrees in 2015. In the coming week, temperatures are likely to continue to climb.

With the arrival of high temperatures, the Germans do not seem to be calm. Last month, there was an incident of “naked riding”.

In view of the current high temperature, although most schools decide to suspend classes temporarily, it is not a reason for employers to “stop work”. However, the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs also introduced regulations: the temperature of the office should not exceed 26 degrees; employers must take measures against heatstroke if the temperature is over 30 degrees.

Unlike Chinese, many Germans choose to go out of their homes with the high temperature, go to the beach or go to the pool to enjoy the cool. Hamburg has a unique location, absolutely it is not a problem to avoid the heat. The Elbe River beach on the edge of Övelgönne is a great place to visit Hamburg in the summer. In summer, the temperature is rising, there is nothing faster way to cool than jump into the cold river!

On the banks of the Elbe River, you can not only enjoy the sunlight, but also enjoy various leisure activities. The one-kilometer river beach allows locals and tourists to take a walk on summer and winter, while watching the giant container ship on the edge of the port. Sports enthusiasts can also jog or walk slowly here. People can also barbecue in designated areas on the edge of the river, but only if they can't litter. It is also a good choice to bring a picnic with friends. There are also some hotels nearby for overnight stays. You can also have a tent to experience the fun of camping. There is a special attraction on the beach that is can not to be missed. It is a rock called "Swedish Old Man". The stone was discovered on the edge of the Elbe River in 1999 and weighed 217 tons.

The white-collar workers are willing to go there to have a beer after work, the college students and a family of three will barbecue there. The wonderful scenery along the harbor creates a perfect atmosphere. For both adults and children, cruise ships and container ships are a unique highlight. In recent years, the water quality of the Elbe River has been continuously improved. People can swim in the river, but they must pay attention to the changes in the tides to avoid accidents.

Good places for leisure in Hamburg

If you want to enjoy a comfortable time, you can take a boat along the Elbe for a few kilometers. On the banks of the Elbe River in Blank Naze or on the shores of Falkensteiner, you can enjoy a period of time alone. On the 72-meter-high Süllberg Mountain, you can admire the coming and going container ships and the planes coming in and out of the Hamburg Airbus base. Between the Süllberg and Kiekeberg mountains is the high-end residential area of Blanknaze, with its winding alleys and steps contrasting with the hustle and bustle of the city.

Go to the beach

The Elbe River Beach is located in Övelgönne and belongs to the Othmarschen district of Hamburg. In fact, on the way to the river beach, there are many attractions worth seeing. At the stop of the Neumühlen ship there is a museum port (Museumshafen) with many historic ancient ships. You can choose to take the 62nd ferry and board the ship from the dock trestle station. In the direction of Neumühlen, there will be a boat every 15 minutes. You can also choose to take the 112 bus and get off at the Neumühlen/Övelgönne stop. It takes only a few minutes to walk from the station to the river beach.

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