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【Introduction】:In 2019, thanks to the joint efforts of all the employees of Utour Group, all business segments have achieved gratifying results, and the total annual service of the group has exceeded 2.1 million!

In 2019, thanks to the joint efforts of all the employees of Utour Group, all business segments have achieved gratifying results, and the total annual service of the group has exceeded 2.1 million!

I. The three main businesses achieved new success

1. Product innovation and service standard upgrade

Multiple wholesale business brands go hand in hand

Younide Travel, Panorama Travel, Xingtianxia and other brands have jointly led the industry. From more than 20 domestic port cities to more than 100 tourist destinations worldwide, they can provide travel products that meet the needs of various consumers.

There are many types of products such as independent travel, destination fun, and local group tours, with nearly 10,000 SKUs.

There are 10,000 cooperative peers and nearly 100 overseas tourism bureaus.

Continuous Product Innovation

Younide Travel continued to launch new series of products throughout the year, including “U-Carefully selected”, “U-YOUNG”, “U-Wise selected”, “Super independent travel”, “Idol arrival”, etc. Different customer groups such as parent-child, price-sensitive, and light luxury enjoyment can experience products and services that meet the needs. The service satisfaction rate for new products throughout the year reached 99%.

Panoramic Tourism creates products with ingenuity, selects and inspects more than 300 hotels and restaurants in Europe, and launches the "selection season" series of products; short-term "light luxury Phuket", "Super Phuket ", "FUN unrestricted play", "unlimited seascape" "True King" and other high-quality travel products are leading the industry.

Service standards continue to upgrade

Promote the improvement of service quality with standardization work, sort out 60+ standards, covering all service links before, during and after the trip.

Organized 2,000 team leaders to train nearly 100 games, and improved their business capabilities and emergency response levels.

High-end travel is even higher. Miracle Travel ’s high-net-worth members have accumulated nearly 10,000, covering more than 10 provinces across the country. In 2019, it has served 1,500+ polar travel customers.

2. Retail brands sink into the market

In 2019, Utour's tourism retail brands launched in 16 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and the number of partner stores reached to 1,000+, and it is planned to reach 3000+ in 2020.

3. Keep improving marketing services

In 2019, UCC serves 1,000+ outstanding enterprises and government agencies, serving 500,000+ customers, planning and executing 50+ events with 1,000+ customers, 6,000 person-times for the largest single service project throughout the year.

2. Barriers to the layout of the entire industry chain

Own resources cover the six major elements of "food, accommodation, travel, and entertainment", and have established destination service teams in nearly 20 countries, with more than 100 vehicles, 500 hotel rooms, and 500,000 merchants of various types.

Destination companies such as Kaytrip, Activo Travel GmbH, Ansel Travel Agency, TELEFUN, RCC, Sanli Travel, U-TOP, West Coast Holidays, Ticket Mates Australia, Uhomes, etc. all win more tourists from home and abroad with quality services.

3. The "Tourism +" business has matured

1. Study abroad

In 2019, U-Education served 1000+ schools and educational institutions, 10,000+ teachers and students, and conducted six major systems covering 100+ research and study activities including art, culture, science, sports, and Chinese studies, among them, there are more than 500 people in the polar science study tour program.

U-Education has worked closely with more than 2,000 top universities in more than 10 mainstream study countries around the world, and has established an “Overseas Office” in London to provide students with comprehensive monitoring services. The service clients throughout the year cover groups of 5 to 50 years old with different study needs, and the application success rate is 100%.

2. Immigrants buying property

Accelerate the layout of the upstream end of the immigration real estate section, complete the comprehensive development of the product chain, and invest in investment projects in Switzerland, Japan, Montenegro, and Spain.

Under its trade fair brand “Haifanghui” in 2019 held 130 landing events in 18 cities throughout the year, involving immigration / home ownership / finance / tax laws in 15 countries. It successfully consulted or handled thousands of families.

3. Tourism finance

Currency exchange: In 2019, the exchange volume exceeded 30 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to more than 200 million yuan, the total number of people served was 85,000, and there were 30 operating currencies. (Foreign currency exchange RMB: over 9 million US dollars, RMB exchange foreign currency over 20 million US dollars)

Tax Refund Business: Cooperation has been reached with nine major tax rebate companies that together account for more than 90% of the global tax rebate market, with partners covering 46 countries. In 2019, nearly 40 million tax refunds were achieved for more than 20,000 guests.

4. Health and Medical

In cooperation with the top medical institutions in the United States, Japan, Switzerland and other countries, Utour have launched a rich product system, including high-end precision medical examinations in Japan, anti-aging in Switzerland, maintenance and repair of blood vessels in the whole body, diabetes treatment, and American assisted reproduction programs, single order up to 1.28 million yuan.

5. Sports events

Snow and ice tourism: covering Japan, North America, Europe, New Zealand and other mainstream ski destinations, leading ski industry in Japan.

Tournaments: there are many popular tournaments such as Champions League, La Liga and Premier League.

Sports training camp: cooperate with MLLBC basketball training camp for overseas elite special training camp.

Diving tourism: join hands with PADI to launch tourism + diving, youth public diving and other innovative products.

Golf Tourism: Utour undertakes a number of high-level international events for Chinese and foreign youth.

4、 Leading position of the industry is fully consolidated

1. Happy enterprise

Nearly 200 employee trainings were organized throughout the year, covering tourism business capacity improvement, new employee training, first aid skills training, etc.

Utour started school-enterprise cooperation with 7 schools and jointly trained 200+ professionals in tourism. Established Utour Tourism Order Class at BEIJING POLYTECHNIC, and jointly conducted an open day event for tourism learning enterprises with Nankai University to conduct in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises.

2. 100 + heavyweight Awards

Top 20 China Tourism Group

Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce-Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing, 2019 Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing's Cultural Industry

Panoramic Tour Leader Cao Zhen Wins Gold Award in National Tournament Contest Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture and Tourism -- the best organization award of the 9th tour guide skill improvement competition, panoramic tour leader

People.cn-Excellent Case for Building Happy Enterprises in 2019

Dozens of awards from major airlines, tourism partners, media and agencies

Strategic Partner

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