"May Day" tourism consumption rebound, Utour Tourism began to promote its brand on short-time visiting

Publish Time:2020-05-07 16:01:08Source:Utour Group

【Introduction】:"May Day " holiday this year lasted from the previous three days to five days.

"May Day" holiday this year lasted from the previous three days to five days, with the effective control of domestic outbreak, tourism consumer confidence rose obviously, the letter tourism gradually launched a batch of diversification and cost-effective domestic tourism products, outdoor type products such as ecology, rv camping, mountain tourism is more popular, tourism popularity has increased compared to he tomb-sweeping day holiday as the overall booking is very obvious. In the provinces with earlier clearance of the epidemic and stronger consumption boost, the tourism market has recovered significantly. According to Utour tourism data, the business volume of Jiangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Gansu is particularly prominent. During the May Day holiday, the products were almost sold out half a month in advance. In Jiangxi, Hunan and Fujian, where Utour's retail business penetration rate is high, the number of service trips has recovered to more than 50% compared with the same period last year. In the afternoon of April 29, Beijing declared a public health emergency response level to level 2, and Beijing "May Day" travel demand rose, making a temporary increase in the travel plans of customers, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region business a surge in demand. The letter emergency adjusts the product plan of tourism, increasing the supply of products to meet the guests' travel demand.

In domestic epidemic prevention and control under the good situation, the letter travel since march to actively with the national brigade counterparts to establish deep cooperation, in the domestic area rich in ecological resources to sign a batch of high quality partners, strive to improve product uniqueness and service quality guarantee, to speed up the independent product development, packaging, after for epidemic prepare rapid rise of domestic tourism market.

At present, the letter has been launched in the domestic regional market surrounding tourism brand "travels", the domestic ground conglobation tinkling "China" series of products, promised to "security details, satisfaction guarantee, comfortable cars, butler service, preferred hotel, transparent consumption", such as eight security guarantee, including by ensuring health of gold division and guide provides high quality service, ensure the safety of vehicle records, daily time of vehicle, such as disinfection, regular masks, sterile temperature gun, hand sanitizer, free travel insurance, not satisfied can advance compensation and a series of services. Among them, "zhou's travels" series products in shaanxi, gansu, fujian and other provinces rich in tourism resources, since April, has been implemented every weekend travel groups, qingming festival holiday, May Day holiday further harvest a good response, in part of the regional market has become a brand.

June will usher in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, tourism consumption market will get further recovery. Utour tourism will increase investment in the research and development of domestic tourism products, gives play to the advantages of the national layout, creates a number of high-quality domestic tourism products and projects, for the majority of tourists to provide healthy and secure tourism services, help the tourism market after the epidemic revitalization.


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