Qingdao: A Thriving Coastal City

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【Introduction】:- A news report by China.org.cn on Qingdao, where Confucius was born:

(Source: PR Newswire)

- A news report by China.org.cn on Qingdao, where Confucius was born:

More than 2,500 years ago, Confucius said, "What a joy to have friends coming from afar." Over the weekend, the 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit was held in Qingdao, located in Shandong Province where Confucius was born. China Mosaic will take you on tour of Qingdao, the host city.

Qingdao: A thriving coastal city

"Qing" means green in Chinese, indicating Qingdao has an agreeable climate and evergreen vegetation. The coastal city also has an inclusive culture, just as the Chinese idiom says, "The vast ocean admits hundreds of rivers." The ancient Greek-, Gothic- and Renaissance-styled architecture can be seen along the city's old streets, attesting to its multicultural heritage and continued efforts in international exchanges today. Now, Qingdao has 70 friendship cities from around the world.

The city has been a window for China to trade with the world since ancient times. In 623 AD, the Tang government set up Banqiao Town in Qingdao, which became the origin of the northern route of the Maritime Silk Road. At that time, cargo ships loaded with silk, porcelain and tea would set sail to the Korean Peninsula and Japan. Since then, openness has been deeply rooted in Qingdao's DNA. Qingdao's close relationship with other SCO member states is one of the reasons the city was selected to host this year's summit. In 2017, the total value of its imports and exports with SCO countries reached US$6 billion.

The sea not only brings uniqueness to the city's culture and trade, but also opportunities for its scientific development and marine industry. A third of China's R&D platforms and elite talents in the marine industry are located in Qingdao. The city's experts and infrastructures have contributed greatly to scientific undertakings like the deep-sea exploration of combustible ice and the Jiaolong submersible expeditions. In 2017, Qingdao's gross ocean product reached almost US$47 billion, accounting for 26.4 percent of the city's gross domestic product. Last year, the world's first semisubmersible intelligent offshore ocean farming facilities, manufactured in Qingdao, were delivered to Norway to help upgrade the country's salmon farming capabilities. China is also a major destination for Norway's salmon exports.

Qingdao thrives due to the golden opportunities brought by the ocean, allowing the city to develop its transportation, equipment manufacturing, supercomputing for marine research, marine biomedicine, marine education, marine tourism and sailing, and even the Qingdao Beer Festival. The city has also been doing its utmost to protect the blue waters. Qingdao is one of the first cities to implement the "bay-chief" system, under which the mayor is held accountable for water pollution around Qingdao's Jiaozhou Bay.

The city attaches equal importance to marine development and protection, while stressing both bold innovations and scientific development. Getting a boost from the hosting of the SCO Summit, Qingdao is embarking on voyages to become a distinguished international coastal city.~- A news report by

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