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Time-honored brand shop

Updated: 2014-07-03 / (meet-in-shanghai.net)

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Shanghai, like many of the world’s major cities, offers many mementos for you to take home with you. And, even better, these are actually useful -- knives, scissors, glasses, ink, Chinese medicine, watches, clocks, for example. These everyday necessities may seem insignificant, but they all have something to offer and maybe a story to tell.

Wang Da Long Knives and Scissors Shop

This shop opened in 1870. The knives and scissors known as “Double Lions” have the best reputation, especially the scissors for dressmakers.

Address: 30 Yuyuan Old Rd

Tel: +86-21-6328-7635

Wuliangcai Glasses Shop

Wuliangcai opened a jewel and jade ware shop in 1720; he sold glasses also. The glasses business developed greatly, and he turned his shop into a glasses shop named Wuliangcai. It has produced Wuliangcai glasses since 1896. The glass is highly elastic and does not deform, corrode or fade.

Address: 456 Nanjing (E) Rd

Tel: +86-21-6350-0538

Cao Su Gong Ink Shop

The Cao Su Gong Ink Shop was moved from Anhui province to Shanghai in 1864. It has produced and sold ink for more than 100 years. In 1914, Cao Su Gong ink won the gold medal at the Tokyo Expo.

Address: 167 Jinling (E) Rd

Tel: +86-21-6328-0627

Duo Yun Xuan

Duo Yun Xuan is an old gallery of calligraphy and painting in Shanghai with a history of more than 100 years. Since liberation in 1949, it has engaged in the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper). Now it has two special businesses, self-made letter papers and the collection of ancient paintings and calligraphy.

Address: 422 Nanjing (E) Rd

Tel: +86-21-6351-0060

Cai Tong De Tang Pharmacy

Created in 1882, this pharmacy is an old Chinese shop. It deals in medical materials, prepared herbal medicine in small pieces, ginseng, antlers, Chinese medicine pills, medicinal extracts and liquor, various Chinese and Western medicines, and medical appliances.

Address: 450 Nanjing (E) Rd

Tel: +86-21-6322-1160

Wang Xing Ji Fan Shop

This shop moved to Shanghai from Hangzhou in 1937. It specializes in sandalwood fans with beautifully painted landscapes. Wang Xing Ji is regarded as the “Fan King” by Shanghai residents.

Address: 155 Xiazang (S) Rd

Heng Da Li Watch and Clock Shop

This shop was opened by a French man in 1864. It was transferred many times to different owners over the years. Business has been quite good. The shop’s total sales have led the clock field in Shanghai for many years.

Address: 262 Nanjing (E) Rd


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