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Urban Landscape Tour

Updated: 2014-07-09 / (wtcf.travel)

[Photo from visitgz.com]

[Photo from visitgz.com]

[Photo from visitgz.com]

Routes: Flower City Square (Guangdong Provincial Museum, Guangzhou Opera House, GuangzhouLibrary and Guangzhou Children's palace)—Bingsheng Seafood Restaurant—Canton Tower—PazhouInternational Convention and Exhibition Center—Guangdong Science Center—Pearl River • Party Pier


Flower City Square

Located in the center of the new urban central of Guanghzou, the Flower City Square is the largest square in the city.

Local people love this place, and families would come here to spend their weekends.


Guangdong Provincial Museum

The Guangdong Provincial Museum was nicknamed the "Pandora’s Box".

It boasts a large collection of art treasures, which will help visitors to learn about traditional Chinese culture, and the charming Lingnan art.


Guangzhou Opera House

The shape of Guangzhou Opera House resembles two smooth stones scoured by the Pearl River.

While the stand inside the opera house is shaped like two arms embracing each other, which contributes to the perfect undifferentiated sound effect for the whole audience.


Guangzhou Library

Guangzhou Library looks like piles of books from different angles. And, the rooftop opens to the public to have a walk and enjoy the view of the city.


Canton Tower

The 600-meter-tall Canton Tower is the new landmark of Guangzhou.

It is located at the intersection of the new central axis of Guangzhou and the landscape axis of the Pearl River.

It has a revolving restaurant 424 meters up the tower, where tourists have a bird view of the city while enjoying a delicious meal. 

Guangzhou Children' Palace

The Guangzhou Children' Palace is a central venue for children’s activities.


Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Overlooking from the sky, the center is like a cloud floating by the Pearl River.

The exhibition center hosts many large exhibitions including the Canton Fair and the International Automobile Exhibition.


Guangdong Science Center

The Guangdong Science Center is located at the west end of Xiaoguwei Island in Guangzhou Campus City. The architectural design is based on the notion that the center is a the aircraft carrier of science and technology.

It is one of the landmark buildings of Guangzhou and an important public basis for science education.


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