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Guangzhou Oriental Resort

Updated: 2014-07-09 / (wtcf.travel)
[Photo from visitgz.com]

Along the annular Roman colonnade, you can pass an elegant arc to enter the classic gate with the salute of ritual personnel and then drive into the mountain pass which is far away from the madding crowd.

Beside Dajinzhong Lake and at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, you can see Guangzhou Oriental Resort, a wonderland in the city.

Located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, the national AAAA-rated scenic spot and national key scenic spot, Guangzhou Oriental Resort enjoys good traffic network and is the first choice for vacation, conference and business.

Civilization is the most noble style in luxury. Aesthetic design concept of Guangzhou Oriental Resort is originated from European classicism and postmodernism. Thanks to the closeness to mountain and lake, Oriental Resort boasts the unique topography. Meanwhile, the introduction of European marble creates harmony between the architecture and nature and displays an atmosphere of dignity.

The plants are introduced from Australia. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature with more than a hundred species of rare flowers and plants, in endless vision and fresh air.

The architecture itself is rarely magnificent, and the overwhelming scenery around is beyond imagination. It is famous for receiving numerous state guests, tycoons and VIPs. Now personal experience in the "Red Wall" from old days becomes reality.

Oriental Resort is widely praised as the "Diaoyutai in South China" as well as the "Wonderland in the City". In 2005, Oriental Resort was awarded as the "Top 10 Glamorous Hotels in Guangdong" and "Exalted Hotel in Guangdong" under Starlight Award for Chinese Hotels, also known as the "Oscar in the Hotel Industry". In 2006, Oriental Resort was also awarded as the "Best Eco-hotel in China" under Starlight Award for Chinese Hotels.

Human and nature add radiance and beauty to each other.

Mountain: Baiyun Mountain; Nestling on Baiyun Mountain scenic area, Guangzhou Oriental Resort exclusively enjoys the fresh air and rich vegetation in Baiyun Mountain. So far, Baiyun Mountain covers the green area of 420,000 mu to absorb 2800-ton carbon dioxide and give off 2100-ton oxygen every day, which is enough for 3 million people to breathe, the mountain is called as the "City Lung" of Guangzhou (the so-called "City Lung" means that Baiyun Mountain is located downtown. Thanks to a vast landscape, the mountain is a natural storage reservoir and the natural parclose against natural disaster as well as an air purifier and conditioner). As measured, the air quality in Baiyun Mountain reached national primary standard. The noise level reached national standard. Also, the surface water quality reached the international standards. People can even drink water from some mountain stream and spring.

Lake: Dajinzhong Lake is the reservoir built in 1950s for farmland irrigation at the nearby villages. However, it is not the ordinary reservoir. The water source thereof is from the spring water in Baiyun Mountain and precipitation. Therefore, the water in the lake is clear and has never dried up or been polluted. Oriental Resort is the only holiday village near downtown that embraces Dajinzhong Lake. The breeze gently blows the willows around the lake. The peach blossom on the high slope is cultivated to form eight Chinese characters, which mean Heaven of Peace and Paradise on Earth.

Park: Park for State Head in Oriental Resort leans against Baiyun Mountain, enjoying rich vegetation of over a hundred tree species and medicinal plants. Such park is exclusively adopted for the state's VIP guests.

Spring: Biru Spring is clear, sweet, mellow, pure and sterile, so it is called as "Soft Spring". One corner of Oriental Resort was formerly the Yaowang Temple in Qing Dynasty. During that time, Taoist Yuanbai miraculously found a glittering body of spring, which was later named by Wu Rongguang, Governor of Hunan Province, as Biru. Though mineral substance is unavailable in this spring, it still enjoys very good water quality and the bacteria content is 0, so the spring is drinkable and known as the best spring among all the springs in Baiyun Mountain.

Building: European architectures, e.g. Spanish villa is shining bright and Italian architecture is romantic--- thus, both enthusiasm and romance are considered for these architectures which feature harmonious surroundings and extensive vision and well merged landscape. Here, the most important building shall be the "Palace" of Oriental Resort. Within the area of 280,000 m2, the most splendid architecture shall be the buildings with European classicism and postmodernism: Yisong Building, Bibo Building and Palace of Triumph.

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